Type of Steel Bones?

Contributor: mh11 mh11
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Is this basically for light wear?
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Contributor: Ghost Ghost
If the product says "plastic boning", it is for light wear.
Contributor: evanovca evanovca
It is definitely for light wear. Consider it more like a bustier. You will get some structure but the plastic bones won't control you like steel bones would.
Contributor: kitty377 kitty377
although there is a possibility that the plastic boning is strong, I wouldn't bank on it. From the looks of the corset the boning is pretty thin so I wouldn't do anything too crazy in it
Contributor: FemmeFlo FemmeFlo
Grr, why doesn't edenfantasys have any real corsets?
Contributor: Cutie1521 Cutie1521
Originally posted by mh11
Is this basically for light wear?
Steel boning is much stronger than plastic, so if your looking for something more than light wear I would look for something with actual steel boning. Also, If this is something you really like and don't mind paying a little extra for better quality, you can take it to a seamstress and sometimes they are able to put steal boning in in place of the plastic.
Contributor: staci3 staci3
definately light wear