#TheMood - Get in the Mood for Summer!

#TheMood - Get in the Mood for Summer!

Ansley Ansley

“Summer, after all, is a time when wonderful things can happen to quiet people. for those few months, you’re not required to be who everyone thinks you are, and that cut-grass smell in the air and the chance to dive into the deep end of a pool give you a courage you don’t have the rest of the year. you can be grateful and easy, with no eyes on you, and no past. summer just opens the door and lets you out.” ? Deb Caletti, Honey, Baby, Sweetheart

Have you ever felt the way the narrator is describing? Turn 'round every corner in the summertime and it's almost as if every adventure imaginable is possible. Perhaps you run into a tall, dark and handsome stranger who sweeps you off on an impromptu getaway on his private plane. Or, maybe you run into school friends you haven't seen in forever and decide to join in their particular brand of fun for the evening. You just never know where you might end up on a hot summer night!

For a lot of you summer means one thing - the kids are out of school and you have to either find someone to keep them occupied or do it yourself. if not, they're constantly underfoot and wearing you down before your spouse gets home.

When the summer rolls around, do you try to enroll your children in activities that allow for a little bit of adult time, maybe even go so far as to send them off to summer camp or relatives for a week or two?

Now, let's imagine that Eden has a powerful genie in its pocket. You are granted one wish for the entire summer. Never mind about closing all the loopholes one would traditionally have to close in this situation - you can go anywhere, be anything, own any toy and be surrounded by anyone you wish - where would you go, what toys would you take, who are you and who is with you?

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lukymami lukymami
How long does the 20% off deal last?
Breas Breas
Originally posted by lukymami
How long does the 20% off deal last?
In the last post that Stormy made, it said:

"This coupon is valid until Tuesday, May 29th."

Have fun shopping!
unfulfilled unfulfilled
I'm in the children underfoot situation and love when their dad gets home from work.

I'd be me, and I'd go away anywhere with my best friend to relax!
Ansley Ansley
I think I'd still be me, but I would love to bounce from tropical country to tropical country and experience their nightlife. Meet wonderful people and enjoy the goings on. It would just be me and the hubby and whoever we scoop up along the way. I'd figure out a way to get the Zeppelin shipped around and be present at all times so that there was always a comfy place to play. Other than that, I would let the day(s) dictate its own destiny.
Heatherbipoly Heatherbipoly
i dont have to worry about kids..lol
Blueeyes Blueeyes
Originally posted by Heatherbipoly
i dont have to worry about kids..lol
i agree with you dont have to worry about the kid lol
same. don't have to worry about kids
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