#TheMood - Set the Mood with Vroom

#TheMood - Set the Mood with Vroom

Ansley Ansley

Sometimes the difference between a successful bedroom adventure and a not-so-successful adventure comes down to the mindset of the participants, and there are many ways sex can be ruined before it ever gets off the ground. (C'mon, we've all got those stories.)

- How do you set the mood in your relationship to use toys during a session? Maybe use code words to talk about them in front of the kids or set up special nights to just hog wild with your collection.

- For the single folks, do you ever set the mood for solo sessions with something special? Maybe you throw in one of your favorite DVDs and go to town or set candles and dim the lights?

- Have you ever gone out of your way to set up a romantic evening only to have it blow up in your face? (Define romantic however you wish, for us it's a bunch of porn DVDs and some dirty talk that would make Lucifer blush.) Were you able to salvage the evening? Inquiring minds want to know all the dirty details!

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ToyTimeTim ToyTimeTim
Since we have kids it can be hard to set something up before hand. We do have 'Toy" nights were I will pull a few out, after the kids go to bed, and lay them out on the bed with a bottle of lube and/or massage oil. We have code words or looks we give, sometimes it can be just a quick flash of pubic hair or pulling up a shirt as we pass by. Of course we have 'Spur of the moment' times too. On of my favorites is when the wife is down stairs doing laundry, she will give me a look or flash some skin and I head down to "Help" her. The kids think if they come down they will be forced to help so they stay away. lol

As the kids get older we have to look for new ways to fool around, which is a thrill too.
Sammi Sammi
"Putting away the laundry" is a favorite phrase of ours too - the kids do stay away

We don't use a lot of code words for toys, except for Penn & Teller - he takes a bit to set up, so we make jokes about if P&T will be working their magic tonight lol.

We've had plenty of plans blow up - really, unless the kids are out of the house, you just never know what'll happen.
Ansley Ansley
This happened years ago and we were dreadfully under-financed so all we had was romance. He got super playful and decided to start tickling me and that was form of torture growing up so I started to try to wiggle out of his arms.

Just as he decided to let go, I propelled myself forward and smacked my face on the corner of a plywood table (corners unrounded). Instead of sexy time, I ended up with a pack of frozen peas on my face and a busted eyebrow. Yeah, totally killed the mood.

But, when I get new toys I try to give him hints and he just won't have any of it. He's like damn it woman! Stop telling me, just bring it in and start using it.

It was actually his idea that we use toys to begin with and I couldn't be happier that I agreed.
Jaimes Jaimes
We are still getting used to toys during sex. We both still feel very clumsy integrating them into our sessions. Except for cock rings. Hubby loves those! We don't really have to hide our proclivities, though we keep them discreet, because everyone I know knows what I do. Our toy nights usually follow a few glasses of good wine. Gets us happy, giggling, and very affectionate. That's our most playful mood.
unfulfilled unfulfilled
With the kiddos around, we don't plan in advance. We just wait until they're in bed. We don't drink so there's no wine or champagne or anything else romantic involved. Can't use candles b/c one time I had a normal candle w/o protective glass burning in the kitchen and I forgot about it and it burned a hole in the kitchen countertop. Now he doesn't trust me with cnadles. (go figure)
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