EdenFantasys is "O"utstanding because...

EdenFantasys is "O"utstanding because...

Kayla Kayla
All of the EdenFantasys staff was so proud to see what you had to say in response for EdenFantasys winning the “O” Award for Outstanding Online Retailer. With our giveaway last week on EdenCafe, we gave you the chance to, as an entry method, tell us what you liked about EdenFantasys. And boy did you! We got a lot of great feedback, and it was amazing to see all of it! So what were some of the things that you said?

EdenFantasys is "O"utstanding because it goes beyond simply making sales--it encourages open discussion in the site forums; its sponsored review program enables contributors to try toys/sensations they might not have otherwise experienced; it creates a community in which people from all walks of life are able to explore and communicate about their sexuality; in all these ways, EdenFantasys and its members are eliminating the shame and secrecy that is often associated with sex. <3 - Bonanza Jellybean

EdenFantasys is "O"utstanding because of their totally awesome customer service and prompt delivery. - Gerald D.

EdenFantasys is "O"utstanding because you give A+ customer service – phunkyphreak

EdenFantasys is "O"utstanding because of the function that lets you see a life-size image of the product. I love that because I can't visualize dimensions very well. - buzzvibe

EdenFantasys is "O"utstanding because it exudes CLASS, which is rare in online adult retailers. I am constantly impressed by the level of professionalism and style exhibited on the site. - Jason D.

EdenFantasys is "O"utstanding because they have a diverse selection of not only toys but sensual products, erotica, sex ed books, sex furniture, lingerie, and much more! - Crystal M.

EdenFantasys is "O"utstanding because it's a company I can trust and depend on. They try their best to make customers fully aware of what their buying before they buy it. - Jen

EdenFantasys is "O"utstanding because the site is amazingly user friendly and jammed packed with all the information I could ever hope to find on any given toy or product! - WhySayWhat

EdenFantasys is "O"utstanding because it can satisfy every kink and whim with modest and surprising prices! - Emily T.

EdenFantasys is "O"utstanding because it makes shopping for sex toys feel normal and fun instead of something to be embarrased about. - AJ

EdenFantasys is "O"utstanding because your website is so tasteful and female-friendly. - Gabriella I.

EdenFantasys is the “O”utstanding retailer of the year because of the community. I can think of no other adult website that has this much interaction, this supportive of a community, and this broad of a catalog! EdenFantasys has quickly become my one-stop shop for everything sex-related! I am proud to be a member of the EF community, and a customer as well. Keep up the "O"utstanding work! - lostinidaho

EdenFantasys is "O"utstanding because it's given me a chance to open up real folks, make real connections over things I never thought possible, thought 'taboo.' It has expanded my sexual horizons and strengthened my relationship with my sweetie. It's been a lovely way to send flying b the incredibly stagnant hours at work. I have seen empowered women, learned about things I didn't even know were being commonly practiced. I am more educated, more confident, more liberated! - aliceinthehole

EdenFantasys is "O"utstanding because there is a great sense of community. The online community is very supportive and a safe place for all users. In addition Eden benefits our offline communities as well through the give back program. - Katie

EdenFantasys is "O"utstanding because ...of the community it fosters. I don't think any other e-tailer — not even Amazon — puts that much investment into members of its community. Well done EF! - Petite Valentine

EdenFantasys is "O"utstanding because there is a constant link between community members, Sexis writers, and the toy companies. - potstickers

EdenFantasys is "O"utstanding because their staff and community members are quick to help you if you have questions or concerns. - meitman

EdenFantasys is "O"utstanding because you appeal to EVERYONE! You don't leave anyone out in your advertising and I think that you honestly have an approach that appeals to each group out there. - D. Scandal

EdenFantasys is "O"utstanding because they really encourage a positive, supportive community based around the love of sexytime! - Mattie Omega

EdenFantasys is "O"utstanding because it is the best place online to discuss various sex related topics with others who are just as interested in sex as you are. Not many sites offer this and I love it! - Waterfall

EdenFantasys is "O"utstanding because of the outstandingly supportive community. There's always a kind and helpful voice in the forums if one ever needs an opinion or some support. - txymxy

EdenFantasys is "O"utstanding because Eden Fantasys gave me a place on the net to find other people like me! I love the community, and the toys swag you guys sell! - BlueKaren

EdenFantasys is "O"utstanding because it really values the feedback from us sex toy users. It doesn't feel as though we are viewed as simply customers, but as part of a community. - Jenyana

EdenFantasys is "O"utstanding because everyone in the community helps and supports each other. - potstickers

EdenFantasys is "O"utstanding because it never fails I go there looking for something unique & I can always find something or looking for something true & tested & they always have what I'm looking for!! - Terri C.

EdenFantasys is "O"utstanding because of the review format. Toy reviews are so detailed and easy to compare. - Allie

EdenFantasys is "O"utstanding because it not only offers many products for all interests, but even better allows communication between users and real reviews from real every day people. - PRTastyLatina

EdenFantasys is "O"utstanding because I love all of Eden's detailed reviews! This is definitely the most comprehensive site I've found for evaluating new products. - AJ

EdenFantasys is "O"utstanding because EdenTube is awesome. Being able to watch all the video reviews and spotlights is the closest you can get to a physical store while shopping online. - Allie

EdenFantasys is "O"utstanding because of the video reviews. It really helps to be able to hear the patterns and how much noise a vibe makes. Also to know how giving/rigid the material is. - buzzvibe

EdenFantasys is "O"utstanding because they offer not only great customer service, products, and discounts, but a community full of great people and talented reviewers. - Kristyn

EdenFantasys is "O"utstanding because it contains tons of user-submitted resources, making shopping a more confident experience than simply going into a store with no reviews. - Noira

EdenFantasys is "O"utstanding because they deliever the best products for a good price. They let normal people give reviews about products. - Alex P.

EdenFantasys is "O"utstanding because they have reviews that give readers a detailed look at toys before their purchase so that one can pick the best toy. - Waterfall

Thank you all so much for helping us win the Outstanding Online Retailer "O" Award!
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Originally posted by Kayla
All of the EdenFantasys staff was so proud to see what you had to say in response for EdenFantasys winning the “O” Award for Outstanding Online Retailer. With our giveaway last week on EdenCafe, we gave you the chance to, as an entry method, tell us ...
So many great responses! Very cool!
Jul!a Jul!a
It's so freaking neat to see all of the responses there. I love this community for making us so "O"utstanding in every way you guys have made it!
Kayla Kayla
Originally posted by ......
So many great responses! Very cool!
I thought so too. It's amazing how many great things everyone has to say.
aliceinthehole aliceinthehole
i'll be the (100th) first to say it.. i'm telling ALL my friends about EF. promoting it like the latest diet. but this aint no fad.

this place is incredible.

i find when shopping other sites for clothing, etc, i am SPOILED. the price of a dress is too much for my budget so i'm thinking, 'how can i get this cheaper? can i write reviews on their other products? can't i participate in a forum about their products and fashion and get deals that way?' but naw.

EF is one of a kind and it's ingenius.

seriously love this place.

i've found a home here.

fleshlightluvr1 fleshlightluvr1
hooray! very nicely done. it truly is an amazing website!
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