How often do you use a toy before reviewing it? How long is too long before writing a review?

How often do you use a toy before reviewing it? How long is too long before writing a review?

StarFire StarFire
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How often do you use a toy before reviewing it? How long is to long before writing a review?

I got a toy for an assignment a couple of weeks ago but apparently my body isn't working with me to actually trying it I don't want to write a review before I've actually used it but it's been a while so what are your ideas...?
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Kissy Kissy
I test the toy usually 2-3 times before reviewing. I usually like once alone at least - no partner. If it is a waterproof toy, I test in the shower, not usually the bath. This is just easier for me. The follow up is for 3 months after - so if things change, that is where I write it!
ToyTimeTim ToyTimeTim
I give it four or five uses before I start to right, if they toy does not seem to do anything for me I give it a few more or find a different way to use it. Most of the time I will let them go until the three or four week mark just to make sure I have a good feel for the toy. Although I have had a few were I knew from the first use they were not going work out.

As far as how long you have to write it, four weeks is about when you will get a notice. If there is a problem getting it done on time, send JR a on site message and let him know. EF is great about these things and is very accommodating.
js250 js250
I make sure I use a toy for at least 10+ hours, sometimes longer prior to writing my review. Lingerie, I wash at least twice and wear it at least for 12+ hours. Body & bath I use at least 5-6 times unless there were issues.

Right now I am way behind for items I purchased. I have 31 reviews that need to be written and just placed an enormous order for 12 items. Since both my husband and I both have a birthday this month I plan on ordering at least 27 more items. And my free one--am hoping for DR's and manufacture sponsored reviews as has been awhile since I have done one.

I will write reviews tomorrow and the rest of the week.
lacybutton lacybutton
I try to use the toy at least a few times before writing a review, and how long I wait depends on how much I like the toy. If I'm not so excited about it, I usually wait longer and give it a few more tries just in case I didn't use it right or my dislike was a fluke or something.
Various Various
I like to try it a few times before writing a review, but there have been a couple things I've tried once, and hated so bad that I went ahead and wrote the review because I knew I had no intention of using it ever again.
married with children married with children
it all depends on the toy. I try at least 5 times, unless it is just a waste of a toy and does not work. I have had some toys that only get used once, then a review is written. But they have been very few of them that sucked that much.
All His All His
I try to use a toy multiple times before I review it unless, like married with children said, its a total waste of a toy on the first use. I think I waited a little over a month and a half before writing a review on my free assignment just to keep trying to use it before I reviewed it
unfulfilled unfulfilled
You have 3 weeks to complete an assignment.

It depends on the product on how long I wait to review the prduct. Some require several uses. (The intensity I used it every day for 3 weeks) to verify if anything was going to happen with my body and if I could tell a difference.
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