Thank You, Eden.

Thank You, Eden.

SexyLilPixi SexyLilPixi
Years ago I hung out on a forum & met a remarkable group of women (and of course some men) that helped me grow in expressing myself sexually. To me, there was nothing like that liberation of throwing all inhibitions to the wind & really coming into my own talking about the things I loved & experienced.

When that lil group moved on & drifted apart, I found myself lost, and for a few years, trapped without a way to continue to sufficiently express my sexuality.

Well, recently Eden has changed all that for me & has become my new outlet.
I joined the community but couldn't really get started here due to health issues I've been tangled up in. But then something wonderful happened. I was contacted by an Eden bloggers outreach coordinator & asked to do reviews on my blog. Since then I have started spending more time on the site as well, and have grown to love it so in no time.

And I realize I did write kind of a novel here, but I truly want to thank this fabulous community & company for being my new outlet. The one I was searching for.

So, many thanks & much love, Eden. Cheers!
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Kayla Kayla
Awww! I'm glad to hear you like it here. I'm really fond of the community as well.
Jul!a Jul!a
Well we're truly thankful to have you here, and I'm beyond thrilled that we were able to do something so big for you. Cheers!
El-Jaro El-Jaro
There are a great bunch of people in the community. True, trolls pop up from time to time or people try taking advantage of the system, but they fade after a while and are forgotten.

Glad you found us!
gone77 gone77
Ahhh, the power of Community. Welcome to Eden! We're excited to have you on board.
Victoria Victoria
We're so happy to have you here! Your post made my day - thank YOU for sharing this with us!
xxx xxx
Thanks so much Lil Pixi! I'm so glad to read this! And your reviews are great too
SexyLilPixi SexyLilPixi
Seriously.....So much love for this place & all of you. Everyone's just so helpful & great, and this community & this company is truly like absolutely no other. Quite an empire here!
Ms. Spice Ms. Spice
yes! i totally agree with you. it's a super wonderful site to talk about a subject that most of society considers taboo
AlaskanBeauty AlaskanBeauty
THank you!
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