Vanilla mr. Limpy

Vanilla mr. Limpy

Rawhide Rawhide
Why does Eden carry only pink and not the vanilla or mocha versions?
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Kayla Kayla
As far as I can see, Fleshlight's website only shows the pink version as well. I know they discontinued the mocha version, and I would imagine they discontinued the vanilla version as well, unfortunately.
Snozzberries Snozzberries
The pink is very pink and I'd love it if they were to have other color options.

I didn't know they had a vanilla, but I knew they had discontinued the mocha.

tigertoes tigertoes
I'm not sure they make any other colours anymore. Only other colours I've seen are on babeland, with vanilla and mocha.
Andrew1992 Andrew1992
I have mine in the vanilla, but I bought it from early2bed probably a year ago.
sodapin sodapin
I could've sworn that they're still offered in other colours still, but apparently that's not the case on the fleshlight site :S. I'm not sure how other sites are getting the fleshtoned packers still then D:.
Diva Diva
??? hmmmm only pink...
ashley2424 ashley2424
Im not sure.I didnt know they had vanilla.
sodapin sodapin
Check this out! This guy made an awesome custom coloured packer out of the pink Mr. Limpy. link

I'm way impressed actually! This thing used to be bubblegum pink!
sodapin sodapin

Found them! link

The pink ones don't actually look too bad in real life though.
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