Good Clean Love - Ingredients?

Good Clean Love - Ingredients?

spicywife spicywife
Wendy Strgar
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First off, I want to say that I really applaud the mission of your company. I've spent a while on your web site and I think that your company clearly has a great mind set. I also like that you offer resources for positive sexual health and sex education.

I recently found out about your products, and you are the only product on the shelf (besides the current lubricant that we use) at our local natural food store that does not contain propylene glycol! We just ran out of our usual lubricant and I am going to try your Cinnamon/Vanilla because that sounds really good. But now for my question...

I noticed that it says your products are 99.9% vegan and I was wondering what ingredient(s) isn't vegan and what it is?

I hope that EF carries more of your products, particularly the Body Butters. I have to try them soon.

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spicywife spicywife
Also, do you have any future products coming up?
spicywife spicywife
It doesn't appear as if GCL is active on here.. there should be a 'nudge' button
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