A Heartfelt Thank You for a Wonderful Year

A Heartfelt Thank You for a Wonderful Year

Metis Black Metis Black
On the eve of the New Year I just wanted to thank Eden Fantasys- Fred, Rufina, Victoria, and Drew and the wonderful community they have created.

It takes a lot of vision to make a place for vendors to speak directly with their customers and you really have done it right.

It also takes heart, and I see so much incredible thought and desire to make products and experiences even better here on Eden Link.

To the bloggers and toy buyers- you really are the cat's meow.

Thank you one and all for a great 2009 and an even greater 2010

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EffinSara EffinSara
Thank *you* for making such wonderful toys! I really look forward to Tantus' new developments in the coming year
Raven Raven
Originally posted by EffinSara
Thank *you* for making such wonderful toys! I really look forward to Tantus' new developments in the coming year
I agree. I only have two toys from Tantus but I've been very satisfied.
Kayla Kayla
Agreed. Thank you guys for your quality. You have a great New Years night.
I have just joined Eden Communities, and am so excited to share and connect with some amazing people! I have been a customer of Eden Fantasys for some time, and never realized this amazing aspect of the site! I look forward to contributing!
...... ......
Thank you! For not only a wonderful company, but for being such a kind and accessible owner behind that company.

I wish you all the best personally an professionally in 2010 and beyond!

Happy New Year!
Victoria Victoria
Thank you so much for this post, Metis! It is so nice to hear your perspective on the work we are doing. We're glad you are here too!!!
Luscious Lily Luscious Lily
Thank you so much, Metis, for bringing the world a great company, for fighting to educate the sex toy world about material safety, and for being an amazingly nice and helpful person. May your business be booming in the coming year! I'm looking forward to more of your insightful and helpful comments here at EdenFantasys, and to seeing what amazing things you and Tantus do in the year to come.
Kangoshi Kangoshi
I am only a very recent member of this site, but I wanted to thank you for your amazing work. My introduction to the sex toy world began with Tantus, and I'm very glad of it. I've done my research on materials, and I love how you stand up for sex toy safety. It's inspiring.
I only own two Tantus products as of yet, but I really do believe it's a matter of quality over quantity... And Tantus has got the quality part covered and then some.

I look forward to any and all future creations by you and your spectacular company! Although you won't be needing it, I wish you the best of luck in the years to come!
CanMan CanMan
ty so much...
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