Feeldoe- harness or no?

Feeldoe- harness or no?

Rawhide Rawhide
The main (read: only) reason I would get a Feeldoe is it's advertised capability to be used without a harness. I know it's gonna be different for everyone, unique bodies, kegels, all that... but of everyone I talked to, they all inevitably say that using a harness helps, and not one uses it regularly without a harness.

So my question- is there anyone out there who is happily using the Feeldoe without a harness?
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Kayla Kayla
Sorry to bring bad news, but I know we don't. We have the Realdoe, and while it'd be possible to use without a harness for us, for optimal thrusting and the ability to really "give" it to my partner, we usually use a harness. We can use it without a harness, but it usually helps to hold onto the shaft or have it in someone while trying to do that. So, for looks/gentle sex, we can manage it without the harness, but having the extra support of the harness for good, deep thrusting really helps.
ScottA ScottA
If you're going to be giving anal then you really need a harness or you won't be able to stop and enjoy it. If you want a harnessless dildo that stays in better you might want to look at either the Sysil:Edge or the Share, as these seem to give a better "hold" than the Feeldoe design.
MeliPixie MeliPixie
Unfortunately, if you are going to be pegging a man with it, you will absolutely need a harness. It's like a tug-of-war your vagina simply cannot win against his anus, and even if it goes well at first, the additional G-spot stimulation from the bulb inside you will eventually make you too wet to hold it, and at that point the bulb will slip out, possibly painfully (it was for me ponce or twice), and then you'll wish you had used a harness to begin with.

I've not yet had the experience of using it on a woman, which is how it was intended to be used, but the muscles of the vagina are much, much weaker than those of the anus and sphincters. After all, the anus was meant to keep things in, but the vagina was designed to push things out.

That's not to say I don't entirely recommend the Feeldoe for a beginner's strapon experience, though if you're familiar with strapon sex and want to get rid of your straps AND fuck a man in the ass, your best bet is probably the FunFactory Share . The bulb that is held by the "giver" is much more ergonomically designed, as well as just plain bigger, and the finish of the silicone is matte rather than glossy like the Feeldoe, which makes for better hols all around. But if you're looking to use it on a woman, I've heard most women have no problem using it that way.

Hope we have been helpful so far

Tim - It looks like they don't carry the Sysil Edge anymore! Too bad, I was hoping to get one someday.
Rawhide Rawhide
Thanks for the responses! It's not bad news, it's about the same as what I've heard.
Fidelity Fidelity
This is a bit of a sad post in that id love to have this and not have to use a harness
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