Cyberskin!!! Love it or hate it??? Let's hear your comments!!!!

Cyberskin!!! Love it or hate it??? Let's hear your comments!!!!

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Originally posted by Desiree Duffie
Our CyberSkin packaging has a couple different styles. Wondering what you think is most attractive? Do you like more minimalistic packaging, or colorful?

Are sexy girls on the packaging a turn on or a turn off?

Any suggestions or ...
(I am male). I threw the dildo package away a long time ago, and it sits in my bin in my closet (I don't have drawers, instead I throw undergarments in their respective bin because I am too lazy to fold). We have the Vixskin Mustang and it comes in a hard plastic oval container. I keep it in there because it can pick up lint. I know I am supposed to put talc on the cybercock but I don't. I just let it sit there, too lazy to talc it up (and too messy). Originally I had it in a plastic freezer storage bag for food with the talc, but stopped doing that.

To answer your question, if the packaging is meant to be thrown away, I don't think it really matters unless you are trying to make a good first impression in the adult store (EF is mail order, so I don't think it matters). I have seen the Cyberskin dildo packaging, and I think it is weird to have the lips there (I know, for tactile sampling to avoid touching the actual product). I think a different kind of sample would be better than lips (what are we supposed to do with it?), as I see it is important.

Sorry for the long-winded response. Yes, I think a storage container would be good, like the Vixskin. Yes a sample is probably important, unless you want the stores to have one as a non-sellable sample. Honestly I think more measurements on the package (I think there is the length and diameter), like on the website product info, is important. Also the free sample of talc is good and I don't remember if there are care tips. Lastly, since I am a guy, I won't complain about sexy girls on any packaging. Actually it may pull the prospective buyer in if you are targeting females, as if you had a guy on there it would seem more for the gay population.

Yes, I know too much about dildos!
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Hate it, mostly. way too hard to clean properly, especially compared to silicone, which i love
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