Topco's New Lines and Signage Options

Topco's New Lines and Signage Options

Kayla Kayla
Have you seen that Topco is now putting out new and interesting signage for companies to use for their products? All three of their newer lines, their Cake, Asylum, and Hardware lines now have neat wall display that shows the products in an attractive manner and makes it easier to find the products.

The Cake line is a new line of their sensual body products such as lip gloss that come in cake-like flavors. Their Hardware line is a new line of sex toys shaped like hardwareitems. The Asylum line is a new series of all-white bondage items with an "escaped from the asylum" theme to them.

The signage looks attractive and are easy to put up. What a neat idea! Have you heard about any of Topcos new lines?
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ToyTimeTim ToyTimeTim
I have not seen the Cake line yet but I have seen some of the Asylum and Hardware. I am waiting to see EF carry the Hardware line. Some of them look real fun and stimulating.
Jobthingy Jobthingy
I have not heard of any of them. I will have to go check those out now
Sammi Sammi
That does look like a neat idea
Antipova Antipova
Oh! I saw the Hardware line when I visited my ex-neighborhood friendly sex shop when I was passing through my old city. I thought they were neat, the silicone drill bit looked fun, but I couldn't even find a link online to show any friends. I'm glad that you found them!

I could not for the life of me figure out how an inadjustable silicone C-clamp was supposed to work. And I wondered whether they were going to have a lube that looks like 10W30... totally a missed opportunity if they're not.

I would love it if EF carried them- I'll definitely get my own drill bit, and I'd love to read reviews of how people use the C-clamp.
rick45013 rick45013
I will check them out. Thanks for the info!
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