Shipping and Delivery time to Canada

Shipping and Delivery time to Canada

sodapin sodapin
I'm making a post with a timeline of my package's journey for those who may be interested in an estimated time of receiving their orders from this site (as I was). I live in Ontario, Canada near Toronto, so your times may vary if you live elsewhere. Hope someone finds this useful!

Addressee not available CANADA 07/25/12 7:51am
Addressee advised to pick up the item

Customs Clearance CANADA 07/24/12 4:42pm

Processed Through Sort CANADA 07/24/12 4:42pm

Processed Through Sort ISC MIAMI FL (USPS) 07/21/12 5:24am

Arrived at Sort ISC MIAMI FL (USPS) 07/21/12 5:23am

Processed through USPS MIAMI FL 33112 07/20/12 7:34pm
Sort Facility

Electronic Shipping 07/18/12
Info Received

Order Shipped 07/18/12 - approx. 10:00 am

Placed Order Online 07/18/12 - 6:00 am

Long story short, I placed an order on the 18th, which was shipped out about 4 hours after that and arrived at my house (though I wasn't available to receive it) on the 25th, which is exactly one week from the time I ordered it.

Overall, I'm very impressed with how fast everything happened considering it must be a busy time at EF right now with the huge anniversary sale. I ordered through USPS and most people mentioned that it's a really slow method (2 weeks or so), but I think 1 week is impressive.
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sodapin sodapin
I'll make another post when I actually receive the package on Friday to discuss anything else that may arise (taxes, what's written on the box, etc.). Very impressed thus far though!
sodapin sodapin
Ok so I just received the package from the post office. I didn't have to pay any taxes, but I did have to sign for it, which I think is great because it means the box won't be dispensed to anyone except me (no need to worry about mom or dad being nosey!).

I'll talk about the exterior of the package for now and maybe make a post later tonight when I can open the box and inspect the contents .

BOX: -Brown, standard cardboard box.
-A bit banged up, but doesn't look like anything would have been damaged or fallen out.

LABELS: -Has both USPS and Canada Post labels.
-Also contains extra label stickers in a plastic covering.

PRINT/TEXT: -From: Web Merchants Inc. (plus address listed here)
-To: My address, includes special shipping instructions you provided at the checkout here.
-Displays the retail value, weight, of the contents.*
-Contents: Merchandise.*
-Detailed Description of Contents: massager* (NOTE: I didn't order any items with moving parts so "massager" may just be the default description they provide).
-"This parcel may be opened officially"* (mine didn't look like it was).
-Customs declaration.
-International Shipping Documentation (requirements and instructions)
-A bunch of other technical stuff was listed that probably isn't much of interest to anyone.

*Indicates faded text, which is likely unreadable unless very closely inspected. I regard this as a plus because most of the faded stuff is somewhat private and the most important information is left unfaded.

That's about it for now! I'll update later today .
sodapin sodapin
Okay so I FINALLY got around to opening it (upside down because the top part has the plastic bag thing in the way).

Opening it upside down actually revealed all the contents. The top half of the box was padded with a huge wad of brown paper to keep everything secure and in place. This seems to have worked because all my items arrived in one piece (packer has no tears, tenga egg not cracked, lube not leaking).

1.) Mr. Limpy packer:
-has minor tears on the underside of the shaft, but I think it's almost impossible to get a "perfect" Mr. Limpy so it's basically perfect in this state.
-comes in a sealed plastic bag with a light dusting of some powder.

2.) Tenga egg:
-correct model, no damage.

3.) Vial of Zero Tolerance lube:
-not leaking or cracked.

4.) Free shirt:
-also sealed in plastic bag.

5.) Paper with shipping details

6.) Flyer:
-shows various products for Him, Her, Couples and their prices.

7.) Vanity by Jopen Pamphlet:
-actually a really cool summary of their products and features.

That's all that was in the box I think! If I missed anything or if something comes up in the future I'll post again.

Overall I'm extremely happy and I'll be sure to order again in the future .
my orders have taken a week or less!
A.S. A.S.
This was really useful, because I also live in Canada.

I ordered something and it's taking slightly longer to get to me, but it cleared customs within a week of being shipped. I'm impressed by how expedient the process is.
Geogeo Geogeo
Originally posted by sodapin
I'm making a post with a timeline of my package's journey for those who may be interested in an estimated time of receiving their orders from this site (as I was). I live in Ontario, Canada near Toronto, so your times may vary if you live ...
You must live really close to me! I notice it's about a week for packages as well.
SassySam SassySam
thank you for this post.
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