Not updated, it's been almost 2 weeks!

Not updated, it's been almost 2 weeks!

Sheen Despondent Sheen Despondent
Hello ,

I just want to hear a feed regarding my order. Last september 27 I ordered a Mini jumpin gyrator for my gf and the shipment address will be n Philippines. I paid the order right away and i was expecting that my order will arrive with in first week of october. September 28 , 2012 i received a mail telling my order has been shipped. I keep tracking online til one day i was surprised. The status of my order says " Shipment Accepted " same address of Edenfantasys ( ATLANTA, GA 30349 ) . I keep asking the tech support regarding about this and they said sometimes USPS got a technical issue.

I don't think it's possible , I sent another parcel from my location using USPS and priority mail. The parcel arrived in PH last october 3 and didn't experience any problem upon tracking in online. My concern is what happened to my order?????

I am very disappointed , I ordered the item as a gift on our monthsary but now it was totally ruined. I will call my card company tomorrow and I will file a dispute case regarding this matter.

Oh yeah check the link below you can see the order status:

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potstickers potstickers
You're best off sending a support ticket. The other EF users in general can't help.
Ansley Ansley
Hello, this is definitely something you will need to speak to customer service about. You can call them or send in a support ticket and they will help you as quickly as possible.
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