Package Transferred to Post Office

Package Transferred to Post Office

wrecklesswords wrecklesswords
What exactly does that mean?

I had my items shipped via UPS this time for the free shipping. Well, I have an account with UPS that says that I authorize them to leave packages at my door step.

Soooo... what does it mean when my tracking information says that it has been transferred to the post office? Does that mean that UPS dropped it at a USPS site to be delivered or that UPS tried to deliver it but since I didn't answer they gave it to the USPS instead?
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VioletMoonstone VioletMoonstone
UPS usually gives small packages to USPS (without trying to deliver it first, they just usually hand it off) so that USPS can complete the delivery. I have no clue why they do it but they almost always do. Sometimes it even happens to me with fedex. Fedex will deliver it all the way here but drop it off at the USPS and then the USPS will deliver it to me. I have no idea why. =/

Your package is at the USPS and will probably take 1-2 days to be put in the truck and taken to your house.

One time I thought my package was stolen because UPS said it was "delivered" but it didn't say where to. I thought it meant my house but it actually meant delivered to the USPS to complete it's delivery. Man, I sure was confused and freaking out because it was a big box of Bath & Body Works stuff. lol. It came to me the next day, USPS.
wrecklesswords wrecklesswords
Well, it was transferred before the normal USPS delivery time for my neighborhood. Hmmm.

Okay, I'm glad that you cleared that up for me. It had originally said that tomorrow would be the estimated delivery date anyway. Though, I have always seemed to get my EF packages a day earlier than expected. I'm jaded.
Cat E. Cat E.
Lots of places use UPS SmartPost, like EdenFantasys,, and the like. I think FedEx calls theirs SurePost, or something similar, and that's usually what uses. It's somehow cheaper for them.

With places that use UPS SmartPost, your order ships from them via UPS, in this case EdenFantasys, and when it arrives at your local UPS facility, instead of UPS delivering it to you that day, they deliver it to the post office they day they receive it. The following day, USPS delivers it to you.

Most places I buy from use it.
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