I Honestly Need Help?

I Honestly Need Help?

Petite Cannibal Petite Cannibal
Petite Cannibal
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I am doing this deal with another customer on Eden, and am going to gift her a few things for the toys/make up she has sent me already, but I don't know if this will get my account locked. . . ? I heard from a few people that their accounts were locked for up to a week when they did the same thing (through the Classifieds and all) for some reason, and I don't want my account locked, seeing how I'm in review classes right now, and wish to get my reviews in on time. Can anyone possibly help me out with this?
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Petite Cannibal Petite Cannibal
I hope I'm all good, because I really need to finish paying of this other customer... Le sigh.
Ansley Ansley
*sigh* The rumor mill of this place sometimes...I swear you all keep me in stitches.

No one has ever had their accounts deactivated because of a trade on the classifieds, unless the trade itself wasn't legit. i.e. Person doesn't actually own the items offered for sale, has no intention of shipping them...in general, what you do on the classifieds is your business and is between you and the contributor and admins will only become involved when abuse is in play.

The following reasons will get you kicked off/suspended from the site:

- Harassing contributors regarding voting or in other ways deemed to be creepy and threatening, spamming people for votes, and trolling the forum.

- Plagiarizing review text, photos, and/or point farming and other EoC violations

That's it. It's actually pretty difficult to have your account suspended. Though, incidents are on the rise, much to the admins dismay. (We love you guys, all we ask is that you play by the rules.)
Airen Wolf Airen Wolf
Also if you really have a question about whether what you are wanting to do is considered abuse ask your mentor. Your mentor should know the answer or be able to contact a member of staff on your behalf to find out the answer.

Any member of staff can help you if you send them an IM or email asking your question. They really are very helpful and friendly.

All punitive actions are taken only after careful investigation and no account would be locked for a gift being sent or a trade made.
You have to seriously and knowingly break the rules to even attract the attention of staff...getting banned or suspended takes some work!
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