Womanizer Pro40 - charging issues

Womanizer Pro40 - charging issues

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So I recently purchased the Womanizer Pro40 and I've been having some issues.

When I first received it, it worked great. Then I went to charge it and that is where I ran into some issues.

It would blink green when plugged in, indicating that it was charging, then go to solid green after a few minutes, meaning that it was fully charged. When I tried turning it on however, the light turned red and the suction was not working at its full capacity.

I continued trying. I would plug it, it would indicate that it was charged, then still not work properly. I tried different USB blocks, different outlets, etc. Then I contacted the customer support and they had me send it back and I just received my new one.

But this new one is having the same issues! Am I the problem? I doubt both of them were broken, and I am wondering what I'm doing wrong.

I tried researching this issue but I couldn't find anything, so this is my last option. I hope someone can educate me or help me trouble shoot, because I just really need this right now.
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Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
Luckily we've not had this problem. But I'm fastidious about keeping the charging port closed during use and cleansing. If ware or lube gets into that port - I'm sure failure is not far behind.

In any case, hopefully you've been able to get a replacement via the warranty.
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