#AskEden - Code problems

#AskEden - Code problems

svalentine;) svalentine;)
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ok so i tried to enter the holiday12 code for the 20% off for labor day special but it tells me that the code is not appropriate for items in my cart. what is the deal? has anyone else had that problem is the code for only certain items?
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Rossie Rossie
This might explain why you cannot use the HOLIDAY12 code:


General Information
Promotions are: Sales, Deals, Kits, Fantasy Baskets, Coupons and Discount Codes.We may introduce other price-reducing incentives intermittently, which will also fall under these terms and conditions.

Only one promotion can be applied to each product purchased from the website. For example: if you have a coupon discount code applied to a product and you consider purchasing that product in a deal or a kit (with a bundle of several other eligible products for the discounted price that applies to the deal/bundle), then you must choose which promotion to apply. You can purchase the product by choosing the kit or you can purchase each product from the kit a la carte and then apply the coupon to the selected product only. Please select the most effective option for your purchases.

Sale items. No additional discounts can be applied to items already on sale.

Expiration date. All promotions have an expiration date and time. You must place your order before the expiration date / time. We do not guarantee promotions after the expiration date.
svalentine;) svalentine;)
yea that helps thanks rossie
Rossie Rossie
Originally posted by svalentine;)
yea that helps thanks rossie
You're welcome!
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