#EdenPrograms - Description Review Program

#EdenPrograms - Description Review Program

Sammi Sammi
The Description Review Program was created out of our commitment to have better information available to our customers. We found that the product information on packaging was not sufficient with most toys and did not accurately portray a toy's function to the buyer. We have our reviewers write the product descriptions from real experience. We only include reviewers who are reliable, write well, and can complete the reviews in a timely fashion. Descriptive reviews are due two weeks from the assignment date.

One challenge with descriptive reviews is that these are occasionally black box reviews - you will receive an item that you cannot first view on the website. Like our other assignments, you can choose to decline an assigned description review. When we do have photos available, you will be able to see them.

Applying for the Descriptive Review Program
We expect description reviewers to be experienced and well rounded. If you have been a contributor on EdenFantasys for at least 6 months, have a minimum of 20 reviews, a rank of at least 5.5, and have been actively participating in both the community and the review program, you may apply for the program by emailing partners@edenfantasys. com . Once your application is received, your time on the site and activity will be looked over, and a sampling of your reviews will be examined. You’ll receive an email within a week after you’ve applied, letting you know if you’ve been accepted or declined. If accepted, your profile should be filled out completely.

Receiving an Assignment
You will receive an email notification when the Administrator has given you an assignment. Log in to your account, and choose Review Program from the Account Dashboard.

Click on Assignments.

You will see the item the Administrator has sent you for a description review.

If you do not wish to review the product, you can click on “Decline”. Otherwise, click on “Free Order” to begin the acceptance and shipping of your assignment.
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Sammi Sammi
Shipping the Assignment
When you click on “Free Order”, you will be taken to the Checkout screen. Select your shipping method, press “Checkout”, and complete the checkout process.

Writing the Review
Once your product has arrived, test it out. If it was a bad fit for you, you were unable to use it for any reason, or the toy was defective, please let us know immediately.

If you were able to test out your product, it’s time to write your review. Login to your account, and click “Review Program” and “Assignments” from your dashboard. You’ll see the item you received in your Assignment list. Click on “Write Review”.

For most descriptive reviews, the review template will be the Extended format (Standard template will not be given as an option). If the Extended format is not available, you’ll only be offered the Standard template to write the review.

Product Info
Include all features/functions of vibes, types of fasteners on harnesses, etc. Don't worry about technical details like measurements, material, etc. We'll still be providing the toy properties on the page as we do now.

The main difference between these reviews and our other reviews is the level of objectivity on your part, given that these reviews will be in place of any other product description on individual product pages; you're really introducing viewers to the item as well as giving your own opinion. A good way to think about this writing is as a personalized tour of the toy.

The review should still be an honest reflection of your opinion; however, you should refrain from general opinions and "buy" or "don't buy" statements. Include your personal experience with the toy, but if you don't like things that are subjective (like, the size is too big/small for you), don't allow that to be a determining factor in how you rate the toy.

As this review should be an objective product description, it is not acceptable to mention personal details like your blog; however, if you do a personal continuation of the review on your blog (not duplicate text to the Eden review), we will allow one discreet line - such as "to read more about my personal experience with this toy, go to www…". You must be sure that you place a link to the EdenFantasys review in your blog as well.

Review summary
Your review summary will show up on the actual product page, so be mindful when you write it - these sentences will be the most highly viewed part of the review. The summary should be all about the product's properties and functions, and should not include any personal details. Please don't copy/paste from the body of the review. Make sure that your review summary is very well written.

This is the tricky area of the review, because we do want a rating that reflects your experience, but don't want to list very low ratings that have more to do with personal preference and anatomy than the actual toy quality. If you plan to rate a toy 3 stars or less, consider whether your reason is personal or if it is a matter of function. Rate the toy based on function performance and properties.
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