#EdenPrograms - EdenTasks - Proofreading

#EdenPrograms - EdenTasks - Proofreading

Sammi Sammi
The EdenTasks Program allows you to earn points for proofreading reviews submitted by the community. You must have a contributor rank of 5.1 or higher to participate.

How it works
First, you need to activate the EdenTasks service in your account.
You must complete the basic settings such as: personal info, email, avatar, have a rank of 5.1 or higher, and submit your request to become an editor.

Activating your account
Login to your account, and click on “EdenTasks” from the Dashboard.

Click on “Dashboard”.

Click on “Review proofreading.”

Here you will see if you have met the settings and requirements. If you have filled out your personal info, your email address, have an avatar selected, and have a rank of 5.1 or higher, click on “Submit a request”.

Explain why you want to be an EdenTasks editor, and click on “Submit” when done.

You will see that you have a “Current request” standing of “Submitted.” Note that the date shown is the date of your first request.

You will be sent a short editing test after you apply. You must return this editing test to be considered. Please make sure that you have a vaild email address on file.

Many factors are taken into consideration to select editors including Contributor Rank, writing ability (reviews, blogs, etc.), community involvement, relevant writing/editing experience, performance on the editing test, and the application request itself. A ranking of 5.1 means the contributor is fairly active on the site but may not have the volume of reviews published to be at a higher level.

If you are accepted, you’ll receive notification by email. Log back in to your account, and click “EdenTasks”, “Dashboard”, and “Review Proofreading” again. You’ll now see an item that says “Request approved” with a green checkmark next to it. Below this, click on “Activate Program” to begin editing reviews.

Editing Rotations
Currently, editors participate in 3-month rotations. Requests to participate are kept on file until new editors are selected for the next rotation. You will receive an email notification within one week letting you know your application has been received after you apply.

The rotation is announced on the forums. During the rotation, if you are selected you will receive an email welcoming you to the program. If you have not been selected you will receive an email stating that your request has been denied.

If you were declined for the current rotation, you can re-apply immediately for consideration in the next rotation. For contributors that have previously participated in the program, you may simply state that you are interested in participating again as an editor. For those that are declined, this is not necessarily a reflection of your skills as an editor. Each rotation, there are many more qualified applicants than available positions for editors.

Editors may be removed from the program for poor performance. If a review is found that has mistakes, the editor will be contacted and notified of what was missed. If three or more reviews by that editor contain multiple mistakes or erroneous reviews are published, the editor will be removed from the rotation early.

The Task Market
The Task Market contains all currently available tasks. You can filter the tasks to show Review Proofreading or Follow-up Proofreading. If neither is selected, all available tasks will be visible. If you are also in the SexIs Proofreading program, you will see available SexIs articles in the task list as well, and can filter those tasks out.

There are certain times of the day when reviews are more likely to be submitted for editing. This also usually occurs at the beginning of a new cycle as new editors eagerly gobble up available tasks. If you aren't finding reviews to edit, try checking the Task Market at different times of the day.
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Sammi Sammi
Proofreading a Review
When you see a review you’d like to edit, click on the name.

To edit the task, click “Take Task” and this task will be assigned to you. Be advised that other editors may also be browsing the Task Market and take a task before you do; in this case, you will see a message that the task is no longer available. Each editor may not proofread more than 3 articles a day.

If you change your mind, you can click on “Unlock task”, and the review will go back to the Task Market. Otherwise, click on “Proofread review” to begin editing. You may only have one task at a time, and may not take another of the same type until that task is completed. Each task should be completed within 3 days for reviews and 2 days for follow-up reviews. Tasks that are not completed within the time frame may be released for other editors.

Editing a Review
Reviews may be in Standard, Extended, or Offsite Format. Each section will have an “Edit” button. To make changes to a section, simply click “Edit”.

Once changes have been made, click “Save” to save that section of the review. Be sure you save each of the review sections, otherwise any changes made will not be saved to the review.

Make sure the review contains a Rating, Vroom, and Bee (n/a is acceptable for the Vroom and Bee ratings).

If you need to leave a comment for the reviewer, a “Comments” section is provided. You may leave comments for the contributor with notes on needed corrections or make the actual corrections in the article. Please be responsible - this is not your submission and the author may not be happy to see his/her writing has been re-written. Be sure you read through the Editor’s Guidelines and understand them fully before taking your first task. All editor’s must be in compliance with the Editor’s Guidelines. Click “Post” to submit the comment.

After you are done editing and optionally left a comment, you have three options: “Approve and Publish”, “Submit back to student”, and “Transfer to Administrator”.

“Approve & Publish”
Before you approve and publish the review or article, there are a few tasks you must complete.
1. Read the review or article.
2. Correct all minor typographical errors and mistakes.
3. Make sure the review or article is tagged correctly.
4. Categorize the review or article in the “Categories” tab.
5. Check the sources and any facts that seem off.
6. Preview the review or article to be sure it's formatted correctly and follows the Editorial Guidelines.

When you feel that the review or article does not need anymore improvements, and it complies with the Editorial Guidelines, you may click the “Approve & Publish” button.

You will be asked to confirm your choice. Click Yes to mark the submission as approved and publish the review. The task will be marked as finished and the points will be added to your account. Click No to go back to edit.

“Revision required”
When the submission requires extensive corrections and you have provided directions for the reviewer in the comments section, you may click “Revision required” and confirm by clicking Yes, and the review will be returned back to the submitting author for changes.

No points will be added at this time. Points will be added once the review or article is published.

“Transfer to administrator”
In cases when the review or article violates the ToS, you cannot improve the article, or the submitting author does not participate in the process, you may transfer the submission to the administrator. No points will be issued since no successful result was delivered. You will be asked to confirm this selection by clicking Yes.
Sammi Sammi
Proofreading a Follow-up Review
The process for taking a Follow-up review is the same as taking a review. When you see a follow-up review you’d like to edit, click on its name, and then click “Take task”. This will assign the task to you.

If you change your mind, you can click on “Unlock task”, and the follow-up review will go back to the Task Market. Otherwise, click on “Proofread follow-up review” to begin editing.

On the editing screen for the follow-up review, make edits in the “Follow-up review text” box. At the bottom of the page, you’ll see the “Message to Reviewer” box, and the three publishing options of “Approve and Publish”, “Submit back to Student” and “Transfer to administrator.”
Follow the previous guidelines for when to select each option.
Sammi Sammi
Due Date
Each task has a due date of 3 days from the day it is selected. If you don’t complete the task on-time, it may be unlocked by the administrator and returned back to the Task Market.

Any task may be canceled at any time if we notice any issues or misuse of EdenTasks. Likewise, an editor can lose their access and be removed from the program for misuse or deviation from the Editor’s Guidelines.

Daily Allotment
Currently, the daily allotment is for 3 full reviews (standard, extended template, or off-site) and 3 follow-up reviews daily. Reviews that are submitted to Admin or returned to the reviewer and not released back into the Task Market will count towards the daily allotment. You will earn 250 points for reviews using the standard template, 400 points for the extended template, and 50 points for follow-up reviews. You do not earn the points until the review is published.

Making Corrections
An editor should correct a review for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and usage errors while preserving the voice of the reviewer. An editor should not change content. You may refer to the Editor Guidelines page for further details.

If you are editing a blog review (where the actual review is off-site), you are only responsible for the content that appears on the EF site (title, summary, pros, cons, and experience). You should also test that the link is correct. You are not responsible for the actual content on the blog, other than to ensure it is the correct product being reviewed, it's at least 300 words, and it has the 2 required links back to EF, since you do not have access to edit the blog.

Remember, Word and other document programs won’t find all mistakes, and you need to carefully read through each review you take!
Sammi Sammi
I sent in an application, but I haven't heard anything. What's going on?
You will receive an email within a week, letting you know your application was received, and also providing you with the EdenTasks test that must be returned. If you did not receive an email, your email provider may not have let the mail through. Check your spam folders and make sure your email address is up to date, then email Sammi (sammi@edenfantasys.co m).

I selected a review to edit but when I try to open it, I get directed back to my own list of reviews. What happened?
This scenario can occur if the contributor’s account was deleted after the review was submitted to be edited. It can also occur if a reviewer submits a not-assigned review as a student but then becomes advanced. The reviewer’s status as an Advanced reviewer does not update on their profile until the next time they log in to the site. At that point, the review will once again be available to edit.

I selected a review but it is in preview mode and I cannot edit it. What’s wrong?
If an editor previously returned a review to the contributor and released the task, the review will appear on the task market in preview mode. However, it will not be available to edit until the reviewer re-submits the review.

The review I'm editing has links which have their affiliate code. Is that ok?
No. Onsite reviews should not contain any links that have an affiliate code. If you are editing a review that contains these, they should be removed.

I just returned a review back to the reviewer. Now what?
You can hold onto the task, but you will not get any points until the review is re-submitted and you publish it. If you choose to hold onto the review, it will count as one of your daily allotment. Alternatively, you can release the task, but then it will be available for any editor to publish once it is re-submitted. You will not receive any points if another editor publishes the review.

I just edited a follow-up review but it shows someone else as the editor. What happened?
Reviews only display the original editor of the review. Editors of follow-up reviews are not displayed.

I published a review and noticed I made a mistake. Can I still correct it?
You can return to the review under “My tasks” and still edit the review.

I’m editing a review that appears to be plagiarized. What do I do?
If you suspect that all or part of a review is plagiarized, you can either forward the review to an Administrator (via the button at the end of the review) or contact JR (Almon@edenfantasys.co m) or Sammi (Sammi@edenfantasys.co m). Be aware that forwarding a review to an Administrator will count as part of your daily allotment.

Can I proofread my own articles or reviews?
No, you cannot proofread your own reviews or articles as part of this program.

When will I receive my EdenPoints?
Points will be issued immediately after each task is completed. For the Proofreading Program, your task is completed when you approve and publish the submission. Some tasks may require additional verification; in these cases, you will receive the points once the task is reviewed and approved by an administrator.

I still have a question you didn’t answer. Who should I ask?
If you have a specific issue with a review,
contact JR (Almon@edenfantasys.co m).
For questions regarding the EdenTasks program,
contact Sammi (Sammi@edenfantasys.co m).
Ex-prude Ex-prude
This is super helpful! Thanks! Adding screenshots was a great idea.
Basalt Basalt
Thanks, Sammi! Two questions:

Step 3 says to tag the review correctly. Since the tags are optional, I take this to mean that we make sure they aren't incorrect but that we don't add our own tags. Is that correct?

Should we be using the comments field even if we approved the review, with some explanation of our major edits or feedback for what the author should watch for next time?

Thank you!
Sammi Sammi
Originally posted by Basalt
Thanks, Sammi! Two questions:

Step 3 says to tag the review correctly. Since the tags are optional, I take this to mean that we make sure they aren't incorrect but that we don't add our own tags. Is that correct?

Should we be ...
That's correct - don't add your own, but make sure they make sense and aren't incorrect.

You don't need to use the comments field if you approve the review, although you can if you want to give feedback
SassySam SassySam
thank you, this had all the information I needed.
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