EPS list - Share your links!

EPS list - Share your links!

Rockin' Rockin'
Here is a thread where affiliates with Eden Personal Stores (EPS) can share a link to their offsite stores. Please feel free to post a link to your store and write about your store, any customizations you made, and/or give tips for other affiliates.

Please do not post coupon codes, affiliate codes, or affiliate links here.

Feel free to ask each other (and me!) about the stores if you'd like to learn more about them.
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Misfit Momma Misfit Momma
Thanks Kris!

Misfit Momma's Toybox is made up of toys that are in my Toybox, and some that are on my wishlist. Fun way to keep track and share what I've bought, and what I want to buy soon

I haven't used the customization module on it yet, haven't actually installed it yet either but will be doing that soon.
Dusk Dusk
Yay, thank you!

Dusk n' Dirty is full of high-quality material toys that I've either tried or are on my wishlist, as well as a large selection of BDSM equipment and some informative and sexy books.

I've customized my shop to match my blog's kinky theme and I hope you enjoy it!
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