#FlashYourStash - June 5th with AliMc

Contributor: Ansley Ansley

Flash Your Stash: 04 - AliMc

Hello Everyone & Welcome to the fourth Flash your Stash thread!!!

Flash your Stash is where the toy enthusiasts in our community get a chance to show off their collections. If you would like to show of yours, please email me at stormy@edenfantasys.co m


I started buying sex toys about a year and a half ago. My boyfriend and I had occasionally used lubricants and disposable vibrating cock rings in the past, and we wanted to move on to something different. It began with a Clone-a-Willy kit to celebrate our anniversary; we live 300 miles apart so it seemed appropriate. Other products soon started to catch my eye. My curiosity grew and I wanted to explore new experiences. You know how it goes, you try one thing and that becomes a gateway to something else. Then the opportunity to review sex toys presented itself and within a few months I was hooked. I decided to start my own blog, appropriately named My Sex Toy Addiction, as a way to create more of a presence for myself within the sex toy community. It feels great to have a hobby I feel passionate about, and I'm glad to be able to put my creativity to good use - I only wish I was able to include these skills and achievements on my CV.

These pictures don't showcase my entire collection but they do cover the majority of it. My favourite sex toys at the moment are my We-Vibe Tango and my Lovehoney Deluxe Magic Wand - I love intense, powerful clitoral vibrations. My favourite lubricant for intercourse is Pjur Basic Silicone, it feels so silky and soft, and my flavoured lube of choice is the mouth-watering Sliquid Green Apple.

I have quite a few paddles although I'm very vanilla, with a small BDSM cherry on top. I enjoy the intimacy and romance of sex. Feather ticklers and warm massage oil are extremely erotic, but every now and then it's nice to play a little hard and fast.

I used to be able to store my toy collection in a single gift box, but storage has quickly become a huge issue for me, as it seems to for many other reviewers too. I keep all of my toys individually stored in drawstring toy bags, to keep them clean and prevent them from reacting to each other. Those bags are then kept together in a long padded case under my bed, which is actually designed for studio lighting equipment. My Eden tote bag is currently home to my larger toys - more specifically, my Bad Dragon dildos. I also have various gift boxes on my shelves which I have separated into massage products, lubricants and cleaning supplies. I plan to eventually have a wardrobe dedicated to my collection. There'll be a few hooks lining the inside of the doors to hang floggers from. It'll be like the weapons cabinet in the TV show 'Grimm', but for sex toys.

- AliMc

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Contributor: Trysexual Trysexual
Nice stash and story. I can relate. I'm sure you have a box of Eden wipes somewhere too
Contributor: sunkissedJess sunkissedJess
I just love your stash and the way you placed everything so nicely! Great collection you got there.
Contributor: js250 js250
Great stash!! Love the organization of the pictures too. You will love your wardrobe--I have one and am getting my second one!!
Contributor: SMichelle SMichelle
Wonderful stash!
Contributor: bratcat bratcat
Great collection! These photos are great and i love the way you kid of had like items together. Also the idea of a Grimm style closet is great!
Contributor: ImaGodiva ImaGodiva
Beautiful pictures! What a great collection. Thank you for sharing.
Contributor: PeaceToTheMiddleEast PeaceToTheMiddleEast
Sweet you guys have a nice stash there. Thanks for sharing!
Contributor: Zombirella Zombirella
Nice one! I like the look of the wand massager, looks cute compared to the Hitachi.
Contributor: mpfm mpfm
Great collection. Thanks for sharing it with us.
Contributor: misskat misskat
Wonderful collection!
Contributor: PassionCpl PassionCpl
Wow, great collection! As you know, we have some things in common but here's another - we began with a clone-a-willy kit because of our long-distance relationship too. Spooky, darlings
Contributor: AliMc AliMc
Originally posted by PassionCpl
Wow, great collection! As you know, we have some things in common but here's another - we began with a clone-a-willy kit because of our long-distance relationship too. Spooky, darlings
Haha spooky indeed
Contributor: AliMc AliMc
Originally posted by Zombirella
Nice one! I like the look of the wand massager, looks cute compared to the Hitachi.
It is a nicer design. I can't comment on the strength of the vibrations of the Hitachi but my wand is intensely powerful.
Contributor: melissa1973 melissa1973
Awesome collection, thanks for sharing.
Contributor: dancingduo dancingduo
Thanks for sharing and sorting!
Contributor: TJtheMadHatter TJtheMadHatter
I love how every picture is completely organized. Thanks for sharing your fantastic collection!
Contributor: ZZ ZZ
I like how you went about meticulously placing everything. Thanks for sharing with us!
Contributor: Mr. E Mr. E
Wow, 300 miles apart...that sucks!
"Vanilla with a BDSM cherry on top", I love it.

Thanks for sharing the great pics of your very nice collection!
Contributor: jr2012 jr2012
those organized pictures really make the OCD in me sooo happy! Thanks for sharing!
Contributor: travelnurse travelnurse
Those are way organized!
Contributor: FieryRed FieryRed
"... like the weapons cabinet in the TV show 'Grimm', but for sex toys." Love it!! I've been wanting a sex-toy cabinet for awhile now. I'm such an addict. My partner, back before I started seriously reviewing, had a dream that some installers of some sort were on their way here, and she was panicking and telling me that we had to get all the sex toys cleaned up, she kept finding them everywhere! And yes, her dream has gotten very close to coming true!

Beautifully-arranged photos, AliMc!
Contributor: unfulfilled unfulfilled
Great collection; I love how you have them organized. The closet sounds like a wonderful idea.
Contributor: Pete's Princess Pete's Princess
Thanks for sharing.
Contributor: charmedtomeetyou charmedtomeetyou
Ooo...It's all so organized!
Contributor: Woman China Woman China
Closet organisers. Best things in the world. I don't know if you have them over there, but they are things you hang in your closet/wardrobe and put in shoes or socks and knickers that work Greg for toy holding. Even a shoe caddy thingie that goes oh the door works well as a storage option is dust is not a big al where you live.

I love the way you laid out your collect!
Contributor: Wild<3 Wild<3
Love the vastly large but fabulous collection. I personally don't want so many toys but you know what all the power to you!
Contributor: SourAppleMartini SourAppleMartini
What a lovely collection. It is so girly, even the paddles .
Contributor: Augustxsins Augustxsins
Contributor: bayosgirl bayosgirl
Wow! What a collection!