#Holiday - Eden's Upcoming Holiday Events

#Holiday - Eden's Upcoming Holiday Events

Ansley Ansley

The holiday season is officially upon us and to celebrate we have a month full of fun activities from contests to discussions and yes, even a party or three! So come one, come all and join in the fun as we celebrate a time traditionally meant to inspire togetherness, community spirit and most of all - generosity. Below you will find information about each event, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to send a message or an email my way (stormy@edenfantasys.c om) Alright, let's find out what we have coming up for you all!


Tuesday, Dec. 4th, 3 PM - Eden Lit Meeting
Join Airen and company as you remember parties and special moments of holidays passed and help decide next month's topics for writing. Meet new friends and writing buddies!

Tuesday, Dec. 11th, 8 PM - Eden Cooks Meeting
Join Antipova as she teaches us how to make gingerbread for cookies or houses. You just might find this recipe comes in handy for one of other events this season!

Tuesday, Dec. 18th, 3 PM - Eden DIY Meeting
Join ToyTimeTim (and guest) as they walk you through the steps of soap making. Personalized gifts such as these go along way during an otherwise saturated commercial market. Who doesn't love a good, moisturizing bar of soap? Hmm...?


Monday, November 26th - Coloring Outside the Lines
Okay, so you won't really be coloring outside the lines, the goal is to color inside the lines but there are few things you can call a coloring contest for adults! Anywho, color your choice of four different pages then submit your images to me via email for a chance to win $25, $50, or $75 worth of Bath and Body Products. Winners will be chosen by community vote.

Monday, December 3rd - 'Twas the Night Before...
Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa...pretty much any holiday celebrated during this season comes with loads of time spent with your relatives and friends and of course, the people you try to avoid throughout the rest of the year. If you have a hilarious holiday-gone-wrong story, write it up and submit it to me via email for a chance to win $25, $50, or $75 worth of Audio products and/or Books!

Monday, December 10th - Gingerbread Extravaganza
Dust off the creative cap, gather the family round the table as you decorate a lovely gingerbread house together! No one has to know you'll eventually submit the image to me via email for a chance to win $25, $50, $75 in Edibles and Massage oils.

Parties and Events:

Wednesday, Dec. 5th at 7 PM - Holiday Card Swap
Everyone loves receiving cards to remind them they're being thought of throughout the holidays; join us on this evening to swap cards with your favorite community members! Start designing yours now! (Digital images, of course. )

Wednesday, Dec. 12th at 7 PM - Secret Santa
Somewhat self-explanatory, this will be a live event where we match up contributors interested in participating and we gift a little something naughty to each other for the holidays! It's a lot of fun, so don't miss out!

Thursday, Dec. 20th at 7 PM - A Very Merry Holiday Party
Everyone is invited to attend!! Bring the eggnog (or just the whiskey) and join in as we celebrate the year while relaxing and meeting new friends! There will be lots of fun facts and opportunities to win a little holiday cheer!

Seasonal Activities:

Thursday, Dec. 6th - Two Truths and a Lie: Holiday Edition
It's easy and a game of sorts, you comment with two truths and a lie and we try to figure out which is which!

Thursday, Dec. 13th - Words with Edenites: A Holiday Word Game
How many words can you make out of...? We'll be having fun rearranging letters from popular holiday sayings into naughty phrases! How many can you come up with?

Wednesday, Dec. 19th - An Eden Christmas Story
On Donner, on Dasher...help write the story! What would an Eden Holiday party look like if we all could get together in person?

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Ansley Ansley
Chronological Calendar of Events:

- Nov. 26th - Coloring Outside the Lines

- Dec. 1st - 12:00 AM EST - Entry Deadline Coloring Outside the Lines

- Dec. 3rd - 'Twas the Night Before...

- Dec. 4th - 3 PM EST - Eden Lit Meeting

- Dec. 5th - 7 PM EST - Holiday Card Swap

- Dec. 6th - Two Truths and a Lie: Holiday Edition

- Dec. 8th - 12 AM EST - Entry Deadline - 'Twas the Night Before...

- Dec. 10th - Gingerbread Extravaganza

- Dec. 11th - 8 PM EST - Eden Cooks Meeting

- Dec. 12th - 7 PM EST - Secret Santa

- Dec. 13th - Words with Edenites: A Holiday Word Game

- Dec. 15th 12:00 AM EST - Entry Deadline - Gingerbread Extravaganza

- Dec. 18th - 3 PM EST - Eden DIY Meeting

- Dec. 19th - An Eden Christmas Story

- Dec. 20th - 7 PM EST - A Very Merry Holiday Party
- Kira - - Kira -
Wow! So much stuff going on!!
travelnurse travelnurse
This sound really cool! Thanks Eden!!!
nikki0668 nikki0668
A lot of these events sound like fun!
Breas Breas
Will there be a thread for each event? I want to know more!
lovesexandmarriage lovesexandmarriage
Oh my goodness! Looks like you guys are going to keep us busy this month! Yay!! *hugs and kisses*
skeeterlynn skeeterlynn
Sounds great! I can't wait to participate!
Kitka Kitka
Sounds like a great events list for December, hopefully I can make some of these!
PeaceToTheMiddleEast PeaceToTheMiddleEast
Wow I am glad I can be a part of all the festivities this year. This is awesome.
PropertyOfPotter PropertyOfPotter
sunkissedJess sunkissedJess
So excited to participate this year!
Ansley Ansley

Everything you see listed will be on its own individual thread.
js250 js250
Awesome!! Time to get busy and start thinking Christmas season!!!!
Chilipepper Chilipepper
What would an Eden Holiday Party be like if we all got together in person?

Booze, giggles, lots of chatting, Tim's Eleven, lube-tasting contests, and a random conversation about bacon and/or zombies.

Incidentally, the real holiday party is on the same night as my college graduation, so I'll pop by when I can and leave this year's signature cocktails in the thread.
no longer here no longer here
Sounds like lots of fun! Thanks Eden!
edeneve edeneve
wow, so much to do. I hope I can participate in it all. thanks EF for all the fun coming up!
Gracie Gracie
Thanks Stormy for helping us get into the holiday spirit!
Airen Wolf Airen Wolf
Christmas spirit is mooooooving through Eden like a STORM! Bring it on!
Incendiaire Incendiaire
Ooooh, fun fun fun! I love festive activities.
closed account closed account
wow, that's a lot! wish there was a "add all to google calendar" option
h3artsav3r h3artsav3r
we have a busy schedule ahead of us! Sound like loads of fun!
Hubby80 Hubby80
Sounds like fun, can't wait
ChuChii ChuChii
This sounds so funnn This is my favorite month, also because my birthday is in December
Vanille Vanille
WOOOO! Totally looking forward to Secret Santa again! Putting it in my calendar along with the holiday party.
This Is For The Birds This Is For The Birds
This sounds so fun & exciting. I love how EF interacts & provides fun things to do with all their members!
Ryuson Ryuson
I am SO STOKED for Secret Santa, you guys don't even know.

As an aside, it always makes me nervous to see in my e-mail that I got a message from the Admins! Luckily it was just a holiday announcement today!
tswinters tswinters
This is so awesome! Definitely want to take part in some of these.
unfulfilled unfulfilled
I'm with you Ryuson, I loved last years Secret Santa and cant wait to participate again this year.
Ansley Ansley
I'm so excited all of you are excited!!! Should be a ton of fun!
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