#SexIsSocial - I <3 Me! How to Spend Valentine's Day Alone and Love It!

#SexIsSocial - I <3 Me! How to Spend Valentine's Day Alone and Love It!

Rayne Millaray Rayne Millaray

Welcome to this week's featured SexIs article:

I <3 Me! How to Spend Valentine's Day Alone and Love It!, by zj22!

There's no shame in being single on Valentine's Day. In fact, being single on Valentine's Day gives a person the perfect opportunity to pamper the most important person in their life...themselves.

In this article, zj22 gives us all sorts of ideas of things we can do for ourselves if we're not part of a couple. But this right here? This is my favorite:

Pamper yourself on Valentine's Day. Looking and feeling good for you is a great way to start enjoying the holiday. Take a nice relaxing bath or shower. Whether you're using bubble bath, a luxury bath salt, or bath milk, just enjoy the relaxing feeling of the hot water on your skin. Light a few candles and enjoy the relaxing glow as you soak. Give yourself a facial and do your nails. Shave, and massage a nice body lotion or cream into your skin. Just take the time to make yourself feel good. Being able to feel beautiful and sexy in your own skin is absolutely important.

Add a book to that bath, and I'm good to go. And zj22 even suggested some titles!

What are you doing this Valentine's Day?
Answers (public voting - your screen name will appear in the results):
Do you celebrate Valentine's Day?
I've never really celebrated Valentine's Day.
Carrie Ann , Sbmsvschoolgirl , Rosen Rot , ChubbyNerd , Sassy Pam , snowminx
I usually do, but I'm single this year, so I wasn't planning on it.
Blueberry Chai , Adriana Ravenlust , desireredisaste , LoneOokami
I always celebrate Valentine's Day!
js250 , Katelyn , ginnyluvspotter , Ansley , Apate , Sammi , kdlt , Rayne Millaray , Hoshigetsu , Jasco , unfulfilled , VioletMoonstone , chantalgiardina
If you celebrate, is it because it's tradition, or does Valentine's Day have some deeper meaning for you?
It's tradition!
Rayne Millaray
It's just fun!
Katelyn , ginnyluvspotter , Ansley , Apate , Sammi , kdlt , Jasco , unfulfilled , Blueberry Chai , desireredisaste , VioletMoonstone , chantalgiardina , LoneOokami
Valentine's Day means a lot to me because... (explain in a comment)
js250 , Hoshigetsu , chantalgiardina
If you're not celebrating, why not?
I'm not really into heart-shaped glitter puke.
Carrie Ann , Rosen Rot , Sassy Pam
Religious reasons.
I'm single this year.
ChubbyNerd , Blueberry Chai , desireredisaste , LoneOokami , snowminx
Another reason... (explain in a comment)
js250 , Sbmsvschoolgirl , Jasco , unfulfilled
Have you ever thrown yourself your own personal Valentine's Day celebration?
No, but I'm gonna now!
Blueberry Chai
Yes! I sometimes send myself flowers, or buy chocolates!
js250 , Katelyn , Apate , Sassy Pam , desireredisaste , LoneOokami
It doesn't really sound like my thing.
ginnyluvspotter , Sbmsvschoolgirl , kdlt , ChubbyNerd , Rayne Millaray , Hoshigetsu , Jasco , unfulfilled , snowminx
Yes, but I didn't think of the things zj22 mentioned! I'm so doing this, this year!
Other (leave a comment)
Carrie Ann , VioletMoonstone
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Carrie Ann Carrie Ann
For me, Valentine's Day is just kind of weird.

I'm all about celebrating love and pampering myself and my loved one but Valentine's Day feels... forced? I can't really explain it. I've never really celebrated, at least not since my high school days, because it seems less than genuine.

Oddly enough, my guy actually got me stuff this year and I feel rather a louse for not having gotten him anything cuz normally we just don't!
js250 js250
I look at today as a reminder to let those you take for granted know how much they mean to you. Sometimes a bit of a prod makes you realize that even though they know you love them--they still need that little bit of added attention to make them feel special and to know that they are very loved and very important to you!!

I personalize my valentines and do not go with the commercial hearts and fluff. For instance, my daughter is getting a comfy lounge shirt & fluffy sweats, bubble bath set and a book she has been wanting--my son in law is getting some snacks and treats from his home state and my granddaughter is getting her bedroom decorated with Disney wall decals...
ginnyluvspotter ginnyluvspotter
I love to celebrate Valentines Day but i always do it the day after. Everything is cheaper and there's a lot less people to deal with.
Sbmsvschoolgirl Sbmsvschoolgirl
I don't do Valentines day because I don't think you should need an excuse to tell someone you love them. I prefer to do things throughout the year when it's unexpected. That also takes the pressure off. My bf and I like to show one another how we feel every day I think it's cool for anybody who does celebrate, it's just not my thing.
kdlt kdlt
Most of my favorite VDays have been spent single. Great article!
Hoshigetsu Hoshigetsu
I may sound weird saying this, but Valentine's is my favorite holiday and honestly, in a relationship it means a lot to me for my significant other to do something for me. Even if it's just something small, it means the world to me. The first time I truly felt loved was when my sweetheart asked me to be his Valentine 2 days before Valentine's day. It was completely unexpected and meant so much.
unfulfilled unfulfilled
I wrote an article for Sexis about Valentines Day and what it meant to me, but it hasn't been published yet. Anyway, to summarize my points, I don't like the commercialness the retail outlets make out of the day. I think we should let those we love know we love them every day in ways that mean the most to them rather it be by spending time together or doing something they enjoy.
Adriana Ravenlust Adriana Ravenlust
DIE HARD.. 'nough said
VioletMoonstone VioletMoonstone
I've been with my boyfriend for years so we always have a nice Valentine's Day together. Even though Valentine's Day is over I still want to give myself a spa night just for the heck of it! I sure could use one after all the stress I've been feeling lately. So that's definitely going to be a part of my plans soon.
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