Get ready, it's almost Cake and Cunnilingus Day! :P

Contributor: Lena Eden Lena Eden
Had enough of all the Steak and BJ Day hoo-hah? Congratulations, ladies! This Saturday it’s the Cake & Cunnilingus Day!

Cake and Cunnilingus Day is all about celebrating female pleasure. It’s about making our orgasms a priority and demanding pleasure equality! It’s about lying back and gorging on chocolate mud cake while our lover (or a super orgasmic clit toy!) pleasures us.

I’ve already texted my BF and told him what a special day we’re having tomorrow. How about you guys? Any special plans?
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Contributor: Lena Eden Lena Eden
So no one celebrated??

I can't wait to share my story with you, guys. As you already know, we love Saturdays, as there's no work, no rush and it's always a perfect "us time". Well, this time he woke me up with hot kisses down there and when I opened my eyes and was about to say something, he pointed to the nightstand. There was a plate of my favorite hand-dipped maraschino cherries and... the Oralove arousal balm Oh, my gosh, it was the first time he ordered something from a sex store

So, without adding more details I can say that it was an absolutely fantastic Cake & Cunnilingus Day, and we're gonna buy flavored lubes more often now. And you, guys? How do you feel about ~special~ lubes?