Do you ever feel like sometimes we tend to take a lot for granted on Edens?

Do you ever feel like sometimes we tend to take a lot for granted on Edens?

js250 js250
I notice that there are 'rushes' of complaints on the forum occasionally and feel that there are times when Eden has been taken for granted. I know I do that occasionally and try to stop myself once I notice myself doing this--how about you?

Also--what do you think that portrays to the newer members?
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AHubbyof2SexualMinds AHubbyof2SexualMinds
That's a very good thought. It's kind of a Catch-22 I think. Eden does so many things well that when something does go wrong, or isn't in line with Eden's normal standards we tend to make mention of it. It's not that we're being overly critical, it is just something in human nature.

It reminds me of a story/joke my family likes to tell: There was a little boy who wouldn't talk. He was perfectly healthy, but had never said a word. His parents took him to all sorts of specialists who all agreed there was no reason why he wasn't talking, but he wasn't. So one day when he was five years old he came down to breakfast. His mother put some toast in front of him, not really noticing what she was doing.

"Damn, the toast is burned!" the little boy said as he looked at his plate. His mother rushed over, started crying and hugging him and saying "You talked! Why haven't you before?"

And the boy said "Well everything's been going pretty good up until now."

I try and always be reserved when I'm thinking of a complaint with Eden. More than likely it's already been addressed and what's the need in piling on? I admit occasionally I will say something as well, it just happens.

I definitely think that Eden is taken for granted at times, again it's a human nature thing. It's a great site and community that is second to none for me, but I find myself having to pinch myself at times and remind myself how great they are.

On your last point, with new members, it can be daunting when you're looking at the boards and seeing different things/complaints etc. When I first joined the board did intimidate me some, just because I felt so inexperienced. I think it's something we as more experienced members of the community need to be conscious of when we're posting, but it shouldn't dictate how we're posting either. Just my two cents.
Mwar Mwar
I feel like every site has glitches, and the peeps at Eden are always working on things and trying to improve. And no one else has the point system like them, so I try not to complain since they don't have to be so generous in the first place.
Kitka Kitka
My only real big complaint has to do with shipping and isn't really in Eden's control to begin with. I try to be thankful for everything the folks around here do for us since like Mwar said, "they don't have to be so generous in the first place." It's not like any other site does what they do, so I totally agree.

That joke about the boy and the burnt toast is a pretty good one, I'll have to remember it for future use, thanks for sharing it with us!
js250 js250
I love the boy and the toast joke!! I will have to tell that one to my hubby later!!
js250 js250
I feel that there are many times I take the friendships offered on the site for granted. I know these people are going to accept me and be friends so the effort I put into the friendship is not as much as ones that are in person. I honestly do not mean to do this--but it is too easy to put off a message or email when you are busy or distracted. In person--a phone call or live human showing up is much harder to put your work or business gets put to the side---as it should be! Any advice on how to be a better friend and be able to put off the work or other excuse??? How do you manage?

I also feel that there are many times I take the Administrators for granted when it comes to assignments, problems with the site or questions I have about something. I know they are there to help and instead of taking the time to effectively communicate--I shorten my messages to be to the point only. Then I feel bad once I realize what I have done and want to correct it but am unsure how to do that--Sorry, JR and Stormy--I do seriously appreciate everything you do, I just get in a hurry and do not always let you know!!!!!
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