#SexIsSocial- My SexIs Articles Keep Being Returned As Unacceptable!

#SexIsSocial- My SexIs Articles Keep Being Returned As Unacceptable!

Airen Wolf Airen Wolf
So you've seen the new form on your EdenFantasys dashboard allowing you to submit an article for SexIs Magazine, but what exactly is SexIs and what are the qualifications for an article?

First of all SexIs is a magazine. The name of the magazine says it all: Sex Is! This is a magazine all about sex; what it means, what it is, who does it, and everything in between. When you write your article you should try to answer the question: What is Sex? (Or to me Sex Is....) If your article deals with sex in some form or another then it qualifies as an article the editors of SexIs are looking for.

SexIs is not an erotica dump, and it is also not a forum. If you want to publish your erotica for public consumption we offer an open topic on the Eden Lit forum just for you. Simply go to the Eden Lit forum and title your post in this format: #Eden Lit-(month.year)-Open Topic-Title. This will do two things; your story will be discussed on the forum and in the monthly meeting, and you are eligible to be named spotlight author for that month. As spotlight author you will receive mention in the SexIs article about Eden Lit and you'll also receive 1,000 points. Any questions about Eden Lit should be directed at me in a personal message or in an email (airenwolf @ yahoo dot com).
If your "article" is more of a forum post then please use the EdenFantasys forums! Forum posts are usually under 100 words and ask for feedback. Any topic not strictly about sex should be discussed on our forums or in Eden Lit.

Now that you have your topic there are several things to remember as you fill out the form for submission. First you must fill out each page of the form; this is not optional. You must fill out the bibliography if you cite a source. No more than 10% of your article may be quoted material.
SexIs will NOT accept articles pulled form other sources on the net or published elsewhere. Copying and pasting lists of do's and dont's is not acceptable. All work, beyond a limit of 10% quoted material, MUST be in your own words.

SexFeed articles may be lumped no more than 3 at a time in one article. The stories you are quoting from must share some form of theme or be related somehow. Each feed must contain a minimum of 200 words about the headline story and be in your own words. You should offer your opinion about each story, it is ok to be controversial.

You are responsible for proofreading your articles. The editing team will clean up missed mistakes but if your article is riddled with mistakes it will be returned. You will be asked to proofread your work and resubmit in a timely manner.
If you know this to be an issue for you we, at Eden Lit, offer help. Simply go to the Eden Lit forum and ask for help, do not paste your article there as SexIs will not accept articles published even on the EF forums. You can also send me an email or message through the site and I can either find you a writing buddy or help you myself. You may be asked to work with me or another person in the future if your work simply doesn't meet our standards. This is not a criticism of you but our attempt to help you; please be courteous in your replies!

You are responsible for letting the editing team know what topic you are writing about. Several topics and categories are offered by SexIs Social each month and each topic may have word limits or topic limits. Please read up on the topics before you submit your work and include the topic category in your title!
Generally articles must be a minimum of 500 words in the main body of the article. The title, teaser, and picture source are not counted toward this minimum word count. Some of the topics have a lower word count which is why it's necessary for you to specify what topic you are writing about.

You must include a picture for your article and the source must be cited as well. We need to be sure artists get proper accreditation for their work. If you are the artist that designed the picture then simply put your name as the source! The picture should be relevant to the article in some way. If you have a picture you are very fond of please talk to Rayne about the possibility of using this picture for each article. You don't need identifying pictures for SexIs as you are given a byline.
Make sure your picture doesn't include a watermark.

All articles sent to SexIs are edited by a pool of editors. This pool is small so you will see certain names pop up. At this time it is not possible to request an editor, but if you talk to the editor you are interested in, or Rayne herself, we will work to accommodate your needs. All of the SexIs editors are working very long hours to get your articles published. It is not acceptable for you to send message after message asking when your article will be published. Usually 3-5 business days is the turn around time, after this time frame you may inquire, politely, about the possible problem with your article.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to add them to the comments box at the end of the article wizard. This way whatever editor gets the assignment can answer you quickly. Of course you are always welcome to email Rayne (Rayne at EdenFantasys dot com).
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Femme Mystique Femme Mystique
Great post! Very informative.
Katelyn Katelyn
Great job answering some common questions Airen!
SaraW0512 SaraW0512
This is fantastic! Answered sooo many of my questions. You are awesome
Airen Wolf Airen Wolf
Awww shucks, I do my best.
Ansley Ansley
Thank you so much for posting this, Airen. Super-duper helpful!
BrittaniMaree BrittaniMaree
Thank you hun
Badass Badass
Thank you for all the info!
Emalie Emalie
Thank you - very informative.
nikki0668 nikki0668
This was very helpful. Thank you.
deine.kable deine.kable
Super helpful post! Thanks a bunch!
Airen Wolf Airen Wolf
Just a reminder- Eden Lit is here to help but please don't post your work in the forum...that counts as posting it for publication and makes the article not meet the guidelines for the magazine. Just put up a note on the forum and I'll contact you for some help or get you in touch with a writing buddy.
Rod Ronald Rod Ronald
I swear we have to give it up to the editors of SEXIS. They bust their asses man! And lord knows my stupid mistakes don't make their lives any easier! If it wasn't for my editor I may still not know the diffrence between there and their. Swear to god.
Ayumi Ayumi
Thanks so much for this post! My editor was gracious and friendly and I had no problems. Absolutely love Eden.
Airen Wolf Airen Wolf
Awww thanks guys for the kind words I know we appreciate it!
leilani leilani
how long does it take for a sexIs article to go through the verification process?
Kindred Kindred
Originally posted by leilani
how long does it take for a sexIs article to go through the verification process?
Once an article is picked up by an editor, I think it's typically 3-5 days before you should expect to hear from them if changes are required. In terms of picking up an article from the task market, there is currently a bit of a back log due to the holidays. One of your submissions looks like it's about 7th or 8th on the list so hopefully it should be soon.
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