How do you pick the topics for your articles?

Contributor: Gdom Gdom
I've been wanting to get into the SexIs writing scene for a while and I was wondering if any of you would like to share how you come up with the topics for your articles. Comments, stories, and other helpful advice are all welcome
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Contributor: K101 K101
It always depends. Usually the topics I write about tend to reflect things that have been on my mind at that current time or events in our lives at the time. I rarely am able to come up with something interesting enough on the contest topics or whatever, so I haven't done those yet. Once something fits me, a topic that I can actually interest people with, I'll go for it, but for now I write whatever I feel like people might be interested in. It can be very hard to come up with topics for SexIs for some reason. I usually have no trouble writing tons of stuff. My mind is always on overdrive and I can talk about anything and everything. Then when it comes to a SexIs article, I draw a blank so I just wait until something happens in my life or an idea comes to me & I'm like "now that could make an article people would want to read!" Otherwise, I'd end up writing non-interesting stuff. Lol.

I wish I could have offered something more helpful. Sorry about that. Just try to pay attention during your everyday life. Are you in a relationship? Anything in particular happen between you guys that you think people would be interested in learning/reading about? I love to read personal stories. I also like opinions! Do you have a strong opinion on a topic that has anything to do with sex? Think about that one & you really might come up with something good. Even writing an article on SexIs to raise awareness about particular issues relating to sex or something close that isn't widely talked about always makes a great read. Anything you know that most people don't? Share those things. Or an awesome "sweet spot" you or your partner has that hasn't been talked about much before. You could share that and how you guys found it. I wrote an article once about my X-orgasm experiences and how I achieve them. I've also read an interesting article there about the.. .crap. What was it called? That spot on a male. I'd never heard of it before. Oh! I remember. "Muffing Your Man." Now that was one article I never forgot. It was new to me, I'd never known about this spot and that it could bring some kind of pleasure, so reading that article was a learning experience & something new and fun my partner and I could try. Unfortunately, it hasn't worked out on him yet, but hey. That happens.

A really touching experience? Share about it. Something big you've overcame? I love those types of articles & find SexIs to be one of the most amazing places for people to end up connecting. It can be a wonderful, big ol' love fest sometimes when someone shares a particular thing they've gone through and overcame. People want to know how to get through things that are hard. It's always an interesting topic. Fighting with spouses, feeling sexy, being more understanding, trying to get your partner to understand your sweet spots, etc. Everyone likes to know how to make things happen or how to get past something. I know one topic that's always being requested "how to deal when your spouse has cheated." Could be too painful for some to talk about, but people always request that one. How do you find the passion again? That's another one. And one more I see a lot: what to do with your time? People want to know fun, new adventerous activities (sexual and non sexual) they can try either alone or with a partner.

Crazy ex? SexIs is the perfect place to tell it! Lol. Seriously. Past experiences (sex gone wrong, accidents during sex or something funny or wild) are always fun for everyone to read. Take Js250's article [|"Don't Get Into A Fight With A Penis Pump." That was hilarious!

Something inspirational to share? Those are always nice to read.

I don't think there will be one of those threads where everyone comes up with topics they'd like to see written about on this month because the contest isn't happening, I don't think. But I still think it'd be great if we still done a thread discussing different topic ideas. Perhaps you could start a thread like that and everyone pitch in? That would surely get the "juices flowing." Lol. Or you could try looking back at past threads on the topic contest. Read the comments to see topics people suggest.

In my opinion, as long as it's unique, hasn't been written about in-depth before & has something personal about it, it's probably going to catch my attention and most everybody else's. Again, opinion pieces seem to be big hits.
Contributor: No-nita No-nita
Originally posted by K101
It always depends. Usually the topics I write about tend to reflect things that have been on my mind at that current time or events in our lives at the time. I rarely am able to come up with something interesting enough on the contest topics or ...
I apologize for thread-jacking, but this is really interesting to me because somewhere in the Sexis submission guidelines, it discourages submitters from writing "bloggy"/personal posts, and I wonder if experiences in one's personal life fall under those guidelines? There are plenty of things that've happened to us all that we can use as jumping off points for articles, but I've been confused about what constitutes "too personal" a topic and have been hesitant to submit because it is not very clearly defined.