Customer Service Tales of Awesomeness

Customer Service Tales of Awesomeness

Antipova Antipova
I appreciate good customer service. In a world where it seems like consumers get thrown under the bus at every turn, it makes me really happy when companies listen to their customers, answer questions, and really go above and beyond.

Especially with things that aren't necessary for life, like sex toys, I really like rewarding companies that have good customer service with my business. One of the coolest things about the Eden community is how many stories we're able to share, and I have found out from many of you which companies have really great customer service, and really deserve my business in exchange for their awesome attitudes and helpfulness.

I wanted to start this thread so that people can share awesome customer service success stories that they've had, so that people who appreciate good customer service can have one easy-to-find place to look and see how any issue would be resolved if (hea'n forbid) one should arise. I've seen a few people start individual threads, or mention things in reviews, but I think having one big thread full of Customer Service Awesomeness would be a great idea.

I'll start off with a few I've run across, including the one from the review I just read which inspired me. In general, just share stories you've had yourself, or for a friend who won't be posting---but I'm putting a couple up that I've seen myself, and a couple of my own.
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Antipova Antipova

The author of this review didn't like the firmness of the Little Hottie. After writing to Happy Valley asking whether the silicone was usually so firm or if this particular dildo was defective, Happy Valley sent three custom-made dildos, in softer silicone than they usually make, to see if they could satisfy the customer.

That's really above and beyond, and amazing, and makes me want to buy from Happy Valley.

(Also, if this review author ever comes back, feel free to claim your story!)
Antipova Antipova

Newfoundlust created this thread when they had a wonderful experience buying and setting up their Zeppelin. (Which is very awesome of them as well, because it's a costly, very large item and lots of people were curious about how it was shipped.) Newfound lust reported that, at their request, Liberator was able to replace the normal "Liberator" product tags with G-rated "Jaxx" tags. That way, Newfoundlust can have guests over without worrying that the guests will later google Liberator and find out the product's true nature.

It was really awesome for Liberator to take the time to respond to their unique request and help them rest easy on their new furniture!

(And Newfoundlust, since you guys are still active on Eden, feel free to elaborate!)
Antipova Antipova

When I wanted to order a Smooth S Shape / Seduction in a particular type of wood, I sent an email to NobEssence asking which kinds stocked. (This was the very week I joined Eden, so I didn't know yet how helpful their customer service was.) My question was answered in less than a day---by their senior sculptor, no less!---who told me what his Smooth S Shape carving schedule was, and when he estimated the wood type I wanted would be arriving at EF.

NobEssence went way beyond my expectations in offering me information, and I've been very pleased with both of my purchases with them, and will be making more in the future.
Antipova Antipova

I know, I know, we've all got a million love stories for Rachel and Jaimes and everyone on their team! But I especially wanted to say---once I wanted to buy a time-sensitive (birthday) gift of an item which had been out-of-stock for almost a month. I sent in a support ticket asking if it would be restocked in the next two weeks, and EF's customer service let me know that the manufacturer was a bit behind and had not given an updated arrival schedule, so she suggested if I could find the product in stock in another site, I should get it there.

It's really great for a company to be honest about its stocking schedule (let alone to respond to questions about it in the first place!) and it's especially noble when they're recommending the customer shop at a different store. But believe me---though I went elsewhere for that one gift, I will always be shopping at EF whenever I can to thank them for their noble attitude and honesty.
Ansley Ansley
I placed an order and then on a whim I decided I wanted to add something to it. I submitted a support ticket asking for the item and gave the necessary payment information. My request wasn't seen early enough in the day to make the change I initially requested.

I sent another support ticket saying that it was fine and I would just cancel the item and keep my funds. Since there was a delay in the reading of the first request I sent, I decided to jump onto LiveChat.

I ended up speaking with Megan, who was not only courteous, but also very helpful and knowledgeable. I didn't have to repeat myself or explain things in a variety of different ways to get my point across. I was so thrilled with the experience that I sent an email to Ilya (customer service manager) applauding her, only to find out she had just joined the Eden staff and had been there less than two weeks! Now, that's impressive!
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