Email Issues?

Email Issues?

Crystal1 Crystal1
When I logged into my account this morning, I had this message:

The email address you have provided is not deliverable; our mail server received a permanent error when trying to deliver emails to this address.

Please check and/or change your email address.

We will no longer try to deliver emails to you until the address is changed and verified again.

The e-mail address I use for EF is my main one, and it's working fine, so I'm baffled. Is anyone else getting this message?
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Ansley Ansley
It happens occasionally for reasons unknown to me. I delete the email address, plug in a new one, then delete that and enter the original address and re-verify it.
Crystal1 Crystal1
I tried changing it and then changing it back, but I'm getting the same error message, even after re-verifying. Email fail.
Jul!a Jul!a
Hmm, that's really weird. I'd submit a support ticket then, and let us know what the problem ended up being if you can figure it out.
Ghost Ghost
How strange. I didn't receive e-mail shipping confirmation for a recent order (although it was shipped). Maybe it's the same problem?
El-Jaro El-Jaro
Anything ever show up in your Spam folder?

I think Yahoo email servers don't like EF emails. I'll have a look-out for your STS ticket.
Crystal1 Crystal1
Nothing in the spam folder, but I tried validating it a few more times, and it finally worked. Back in business!
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