Not-quite-so discreet return labels!

Not-quite-so discreet return labels!

softcoeur softcoeur
I was packing up my sadly non-charging new SaSi for a return, when I saw that the UPS label that EF generated for me to print includes a description of the contents:

DESC: Massager Apparatus

Ick! I know I'm just dropping the box off at UPS, but still, I wonder if that's necessary.

By comparison, a piece of clothing I was returning to a clothing retailer had a similar UPS label, but the description was:

DESC: Package to be returned

So, packages we receive are totally discreet, but not necessarily packages we return! I wonder if that's something that EF can change.

Am I being over-sensitive, or does that return label description bother anyone else?
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Coralbell Coralbell
When I get packages from EF they always have that description on them, since they have to go through customs. I actually never noticed it until I had gotten several packages, so hopefully no one else in my house did either. It's not a big deal to me, but if I could choose to not have it on there I would.
Shellz31 Shellz31
It always has that on mine too. It doesn't bother me. But then, it wouldn't stop me buying if the box had sex toy written all over it either....hehehe. I want the toy and thats that.
I had to ship my Getaway Luxe back last week and I just put the description as 'Massager'.
Crystal1 Crystal1
Sorry to bump this thread up from the depths of the forums, but I just noticed this, too! I just printed a return label to return some lingerie, and it still says "massager apparatus". I don't really care what the UPS guy thinks of me, but in this case it's not even accurate.
VioletMoonstone VioletMoonstone
I noticed this too! It's in really small print so I don't care that much but the UPS man could totally see it when he's reading the label. My UPS guy comes to my door pretty often not only for EF but for blog giveaways I win sometimes ect. I see him a lot so it could get a little embarrassing if I keep getting boxes that say "massager apparatus" on it. He's kind of a goofy guy so if he started to wink at me and such that would be pretty embarrassing. lol. If that description has to be on there I understand but I think it should say something else!

Also, if for any reason your box gets lost and you have to call UPS they will see the description on their computer and ask about what it is and everything. I lost a box once but it wasn't from EF. It was a gift basket for father's day and the description was called, "the fisherman's creel gift basket." She left me a message on my answering machine and said the description out loud. Plus when I went to UPS and had to talk to a few different people I had to say the description and describe it about 3 times. So if for some reason you're missing your "vibrating aparatus" that could definitely be an issue. lol
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