What features in product review photos or videos make them the most helpful to you?

What features in product review photos or videos make them the most helpful to you?

Bignuf Bignuf
Honestly, I appreciate anyone taking the time and effort to post videos and photos when they do reviews. However, it is when the photo's or videos give a better idea of the products size and texture, plus how a product is actually put to use, that it helps me most. Some toys have very "odd" shapes and seeing how things really fit makes it much more helpful in deciding if I do or don't want to buy something. In the case of Lingerie, seeing "real" people, not air brushed perfect models, wearing the outfits, often speaks volumes to how an item will really look when I get it home.

How do you feel about photos and videos? What helps you the most to see in them?
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Septimus Septimus
An honest review is always appreciated! It's really not helpful when someone is obviously searching to find positives in a toy that really stinks. If you don't like a toy, or you think it's awful, please say so, I want to know. That's why I'm reading your review.
Having said that, photos and videos are always really helpful to. I find that videos can be great to demonstrate exactly how soft or rigid a toy might be, which doesn't always come across well in photos.
And pictures are great for sizing and comparisons. For example, I knew the dimensions for Randy, but until I saw a picture of it taking up someone's entire hand, I didn't have a good grasp of just how gigantic it was!
- Kira - - Kira -
I don't watch the videos, but I'm really big on pictures. I always like to see one with a comparison for size. In someone's hand or next to a household item. I do a little chart with measurements in my reviews and I really like when other people do that as well. It's not mandatory, but since the product page only lists a few measurements having all of them in a visual really helps me.

I also like to see photos that show off any texture or design features. If something is flexible, a photo that shows how much it flexes helps.

Photos of lingerie on are great, but I know not everyone is comfortable doing so.
Bleu Bleu
I like pictures! I will watch SOME videos but not normally. I don't like it when people just write a personal experience and nothing else...that REALLY bothers me. I also think people should come up with at least one con for an item, no item is perfect and usually (the few things I've ordered) I have found a con.

I wish there were people doing pictures of lingerie that were a bit thicker or would show me what they are talking about when they say something doesn't fit a certain way, but I understand their reasons behind not doing so.
vulvalicious vulvalicious
I've watched a few videos but I find they are not as helpful to me as a detailed written review and photos. Photos that show how rigid or flexible a toy is, or compare it's size to a common item we can all relate to, are the most helpful. Lingerie photos are also very helpful to show how they fit real people and to give a better idea of what the materials look like, if people are willing to share these pictures of themselves.
Pictures are often more true to life than those on the product page in reviews. We also look for comments on the quality of the product and how the reviewer thought it worked best. It often doesn't matter so much whether the review is in print or video if it is well done.
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