Whencare things going to back in stock?!

Contributor: Newmie Newmie
It seems that over 75% of the lingerie is out of stock. I haven't seen it this low ever which is super inconvenient for me since I wanted to buy something for next week, but ill manage. Homer is there a stocking day? Or something to look forward to ....?
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Contributor: novanilla novanilla
I have been wondering about some items that have been out of stock since January or February. I thought maybe they were being discontinued, but I've kept them on my wishlists because they seem perpetually out of stock. Namely, the bamboo pajama pants.
Contributor: edeneve edeneve
I'm so disappointed about the lingerie available. I finally got to thinking about how I could wear the revealing corsets & bustiers & other pieces publically. and now that I know what I can do, the pieces I want are either unavailable in my size or discontinued. a few months ago EF told us they're bringing in new lines of lingerie & the comment sounded like there would be a lot and in stock very soon. but I haven't seen either. bah hum bug! lol!!! btw, is there a real Homer - someone we can contact about the lingerie? I'm so so wanting the new lingerie arrivals. if anyone is in the know about the lingerie, please post my Wall or PM me.
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