#AskEden - Forum post and discussions sorting options

#AskEden - Forum post and discussions sorting options

eri86 eri86
I love that the forum page has a tab that lets me go straight to a list of discussions I've created and posted in. But I feel that it could be improved.

If there was a separate tab for each would be even better. One for discussions I've posted in, and a separate one for my discussions.

Especially when I want to look back at a specific discussion of mine. Right now I have to fist sort the Discussion/post list by alphabetically by contributor name and then find the appropriate page that I'm even on.

I also second the ability get opt for alerts to discussions postings.

The forum is great, I think these things would make it even greater!
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Carrie Ann Carrie Ann
This has come up a few times lately in numerous forum threads. I would suggest, for this kind of thing, you place your suggestion in the Build a Better Eden thread.

The #AskEden part of the forum is more for questions that can be answered immediately. Something like this, even if we decided it was doable, would take our tech quite a bit of time and planning to execute
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