Allergy-friendly products/product descriptions

Allergy-friendly products/product descriptions

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Please, EdenFantasy, tell us if the product contains a common allergen (such as nickel), offer alternative products, and disclose materials that may be allergenic when possible. Also please add "nickel (metal)" to the preferred materials list... just "metal" is ... misleading; it could be anything that is metal.

This is a problem I run into often with online retailers. I see this awesome product that I absolutely DROOL over, but the description of it does not tell me what the materials in it are!

I have a specific metal allergy (nickel), and it is very frustrating finding fetish/bdsm products that do not contain nickel, or websites that also sell a nickel-free option, or a nickel-protection product (eg nickel-guard). This means that most of my gear must be custom made (read: expensive), and I constantly worry when I buy products online that they will cause me an embarrassing rash (that lasts for weeks) in hard to explain places. Hours are spent painting and repainting with nailpolish, or applying electrical tape, etc.

I look at products such as cuffs, collars, fetish wear etc, checking if the pictures show rivets on the inside of cuffs, or the description says "stainless steel hardware" or "nickel-plated buckles/rivets" etc. Most sites let me down in this regard. Many sites don't even seem to know themselves, as questions sent to customer service are either not responded to at all, or the response amounts to "we don't make these toys, we just sell them".

Please, be allergy-awareness friendly! Because rashes in erotic places are not erotic rashes!
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Ms. Spice Ms. Spice
bump! though I don't suffer from these types of problems, I think it would be an awesome addition to the website. I would cringe at getting a rash in the nether regions just because of a nasty allergy
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