Hints-Tips-& Tricks for the newly appointed editors.....

Hints-Tips-& Tricks for the newly appointed editors.....

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A big thank you for the editors who were rotated out!! You have paved the way for us newbies and we appreciate it. Do you have any hints, tips or tricks that you learned from being an editor?

Getting tasks? Editing/proofing? Communication? Points differences? Etc.

Thanks again!!!
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Hot 'N Sexy TexasMama Hot 'N Sexy TexasMama
Ooooh - this is a great thread. I know that everyone I edit for original reviews (vs. follow-up) gets a note from me on the review with the changes I made - plus if they aren't an advanced reviewer - I also give them information about the two ways to become an advanced reviewer along with links to the mentor page and I try to stress the benefits of having a mentor. I'd share one here - but I actually personally write each one to that person.

I also give them tips for their next review of a product like that - for instance - if its a vibrator and they didn't talk about material or how to clean it, I'll mention that.

I'm curious to see what the other editors do/did!
js250 js250
Those are great ideas!! I am trying to get a compilation of ideas that can be used in the future for every editor rotation!! It can be confusing to us newbies!!
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