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MamaDivine MamaDivine
I LOVE that EF has so many different aspects to it. Theres the forums, the interviews, the personal shops and the company shops....there is so much to do and see and participate in. However, I find it very hard to navigate the site. Im a newbie though, so maybe its just my lack of experience with the site. I feel though, that if new members are joining every day and you want them stay.....I think that its going to be hard keeping them if they cannot "navigate with ease".

Some of the problems that I have been having is I cannot find certain areas of the website without having to click through a ton of pages to get to it. More times than not Someone linked me to them once,Or I stumbled upon it somehow and I had to bookmark it because I thought to myself "AH HA! Here it is!" Which was rather frustrating.

1. Personal Stores
2. Company pages
3. The layout for Company pages and the Magazine are all over the place. I feel really overwhelmed when I try to sort through their pages trying to see what all there is to be seen, and I give up because its a visual clusterf*ck (pardon my language).

As for my other issue with the site....sizing. I am a woman that is right between the "One size fits most" and the "BBW" section. BBW. It is super frustrating when almost all of the really cute items are only available in sizes up to L (which fits a 14 I believe?) There are some cute outfits that are bigger, but almost everything that I like and have clicked on has been up to L or OSFM/A. *sigh*

Not trying to complain, just thought maybe we could do something about the navigation. Drop down boxes would be great and much easier. This way you don't have to click through 5 pages to get where ya want to go.
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