Option to ship in fewer packages when item is sold out/back ordered

Option to ship in fewer packages when item is sold out/back ordered

Misfit Momma Misfit Momma
I usually save up and place one or two big orders in a month. About half the time, the order gets shipped partially with the rest coming separate.

For my most recent order, one package was shipped on Monday and one on Tuesday. I understand that Eden does this because there are a lot of people who would bitch about their package not shipping right away, but to me it seems like a waste of packing materials and shipping costs. (Not to mention having to make sure I'm around to accept a delivery on two different days instead of just one.) Even though EdenFantasys is covering these extra shipping costs themselves (Very much appreciated, thanks EF!), I still wish there was an option in the cart to have my package held and shipped all at once if an item is backordered especially if new stock is anticipated to arrive within a few days.

I've seen this at other shops, and it wouldn't bother me to wait a little longer. As long as it was made clear that checking the "single shipment" option may cause delays, the people that choose this option shouldn't have a reason to complain.

Maybe limiting the hold time to a set number of days could be considered so that buyers aren't just waiting indefinitely would work?
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I would use this option and wouldn't mind waiting longer to minimalize waste
I would NOT use this option and prefer my orders to ship partially when an item is backordered.
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P'Gell P'Gell
If something is back ordered I'd prefer to get what is available right away. I've had good luck with Eden in that almost all my orders came right away and were complete. But, I use Amazon a lot, and I always choose to have things shipped as they are available.

Especially if I am looking forward to a toy, or have to do a review, I'd prefer to get things ASAP. From my pov, some of my order is better than waiting for the rest of it.

My fear is that if wait shipping is an option and a buyer doesn't use it, we may lose the free shipping on back orders. I hope that wouldn't happen.

MaryExy MaryExy
I would be curious to see if it's clear during shipping whether something is backordered or just not ready to ship yet. If it makes a day's difference, I would use such an option; but if something is actually backordered, I would want the items shipped separately. I would only want the option if it completely stopped splitting of shipments in normal circumstances, though. I've had multiple shipments from Amazon get split up because some items were ready to ship a day sooner, and these were all items distributed by Amazon when I asked to get as few shipments as possible. I think it's just hard to figure out stuff like that.
Darling Jen Darling Jen
I would definitely be patient enough to wait for something if it was just a few days difference. But I've had stuff back-ordered for over a month and that's just not cool. >_< What I would love to see is a more automated (or improved) system so that it could notify me of order details and shipment info as it changed as well as giving me a choice of options of what to do when an issue arises. I know there's something like this already but I still had some major issues with two specific orders a few months ago that weren't taken care of very smoothly or quickly.
DeliciousSurprise DeliciousSurprise
I can see this becoming a huge problem on the warehouse end. Can you imagine having to combine orders? Make sure the items in the second order weren't sent out in the first? Make sure all the items are together and they didn't miss anything?


Just sounds like a huge headache, even if it is a wonderful idea.
sarki sarki
I don't mind waiting if the out of stock item was expected within a week. Being overseas, it is a lot of out of pocket shipping cost for EF to send a 2nd package
K101 K101
I don't mind waiting at all. I really do appreciate that EF is so good about pleasing customers when it comes to getting their items out. I still don't quite understand why people would prefer to get their stuff so soon. I know it's exciting and we grow anxious while waiting, but I would so MUCH prefer to wait and save packaging supplies when it's not neccessary. I'm not a total green freak, but I like to do what I can. I don't go overboard with it, but I would really love the option for those like us who would like to do our part in keeping the waste of materials down. I think sometimes, the wait is part of the fun! I am very patient though. I'm more patient than anyone I know. I never care to wait and I think your idea to add that option for purposes like saving and being a bit more green are wonderful! I get that some would be highly upset having to wait any longer, but they could always choose not to and the option to ship together and wait could still be there for us. A win-win1
ToyGurl ToyGurl
I would use this option, and I don't mind waiting a few extra days. I would rather have all my items come in at once. I had this problem a lot, especially when I lived at home with my parents. I would always take care to make sure my packages arrived on a certain day so I could be there to pick it up. Sometimes an order would get sold out randomly, so they would notify me that it would be sending after my other toy arrived. My parents are a little uptight, and didn't like the idea that I had a big black dong arriving while I was at work. They said I should buy those things in private from a store and not have it shipped to the house. This is the main reason why this pisses me off, but I understand the circumstances.
Shellz31 Shellz31
I'd wait a couple of days if an item/items are out of stock and due back in stock in the next day or two.
We have slow ass shipping to AU as it is now and that is frustrating on it's own!

But one of my orders recently were sent minus one item. The next day, that missing item was back in stock. That would have saved a fair bit if the bulk was held off a day or so.
sexygoddess sexygoddess
Im not gonna lie.. Im impatient and want my stuff asap lol. Thanks EF for being amazing!
Sir Sir
I'd wait a bit. Always care more about the environment than my sex life.
Petite Valentine Petite Valentine
As the system works right now, I wouldn't use a "single shipment" option because I go from expecting my package to arrive "ultra quick" to expecting it to arrive "who knows when." Of course, if internally EF knows that an out of stock item will be in-stock within 48-hours, I wouldn't mind them holding my order a little longer before shipping.
PunkyB PunkyB
I think it would be great to have the option. There are some times that I would like to get my item right away. Like I forgot and I ran out of lube or something like that, but most of the time a day or two isnt a big deal.
VioletMoonstone VioletMoonstone
I think that's a great idea! I think it would work.
big b big b
send what thay have
null null
I like this idea. It's not an option I would use every time, but there are times when I'd be ok with waiting a few extra days to get fewer packages.
For example, I bought a few things over the Christmas break, while the on-campus post office was closed. This order got split into 2 separate boxes and I ended up getting them both on the same day, when the post office opened back up.
Crystal1 Crystal1
I had an order recently where it was one item I was reviewing and the free gift, and they ended up being shipped separately. I felt kind of bad about it because it's not like I was in a huge hurry to get the free one, but it shipped out a day earlier than the item I was reviewing. I totally could have waited the extra day.
Amber1319 Amber1319
I wouldn't mind this option as long as the other products came in a decent time
Lioncub Lioncub
I would be okay waiting up to a week, but probably not any longer.
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