Feedback from potential buyers on a section

Feedback from potential buyers on a section

bodymodboy bodymodboy
I promoted my promo code on an online female-to-male transgender community and received some feedback that I'd really like to extend to the staff: The term for "gender play" was somewhat offensive; in that, serious transgender folks instead of the occasional gender benders, were offended slightly by the implication that it's just "play". They also would like to see more passing items perhaps in the form of binders, water bras for transgender women, etc. Perhaps gender expression, which is a term used on many other sites, would be received better?
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Miss Cinnamon Miss Cinnamon
Huh... I don't have an transgender friends (I see transgendered students on campus every now and then, but I'm too busy and antisocial in real life to stalk and befriend, unfortunately). However, I think this is really interesting feedback. The higher-ups don't always patrol the forums for input like this, so it might be best to just email someone on the staff directly. I can't remember any of the emails off to the top of my head, but I believe that after you log in as a contributor, there is a link under the support tab that gives you most of the emails you will need to contact specific staff members.
Not Here Anymore f/k/a Happy Lady Not Here Anymore f/k/a Happy Lady
I can understand the offense to the term "play". There were these "guides" here on Eden for a while that referred to the "sex games lesbians play." I hated those.

My current partner (FTM) does not find that particular category term so offensive, but I think it is because he (and I) are comparing it to the previous non-inclusive categories.

I agree this is a fine-tuning change Eden could make in terminology.

As far as including more passing items... I'm not sure this is the best place for binders, water bras, etc. The difference is that, at least in my personal experience, packing cocks are more of a sexual experience than a passing assistance. Now that I've said that - I will also play my own devil's advocate and say that with the vast number of products Eden already carries it shouldn't be too hard to explain the collection to include the suggested items.

Mostly I just wanted to say I agree with the suggestion of changing the term to "gender expression", but that I also am still very proud of Eden for the changes I have already seen it make in recent months to make more people feel included.
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