Green border for everyone in the forums bug

Green border for everyone in the forums bug

Howells Howells
If you look at a topic started by somebody with a green border around their avatars, everybody under them becomes green as well.

Example: link

It happens in Chrome and Firefox, not tested in other browsers.

It was fun seeing me with that border but I don't think it's normal
Thanks if somebody corrects it.
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tim1724 tim1724
It will happen in every browser... the problem is that the class "EdenEmployee" is being applied to every post's «div» tag: «div class="post_bl EdenEmployee"»

This causes a match for this CSS selector: .discussion_main_cont .EdenEmployee .auth_avat_span
which sets the background color of the element surrounding the icon to be bright green.

The bug is clearly in the code that generates the HTML. It's applying the wrong class to the «div» tags for posts in this case.
Shellz31 Shellz31
Lol - it's the only chance I'll ever get to be a greenie.....hehehe.
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