Is Anyone Else Having Any Trouble With Replies From Sent Support Tickets?

Is Anyone Else Having Any Trouble With Replies From Sent Support Tickets?

Xavier7 Xavier7
I'm not complaining or anything, but I am wondering if anyone else has needed immediate help with an issue and sent a support ticket, but the issue hasn't been resolved in good time. Anyone else? See, I have a couple of issues:

1. I've been trying to request the Hello Kitty vibrator in black for free assignment- Well, here's the message I sent. "Hi. I'm trying to request the Hello Kitty vibrator in black for a free assignment, but every time I try to submit the request, red words pop up at the top of my assignment cart list telling me that I cannot request a free assignment if I have other pending assignments. However, I don't have any other pending assignments or reviews. I don't know what's going on. Can someone please help? Thank you."

It hasn't been resolved and I'm pretty frustrated because Valentines Day is coming up really soon and I want to get it for my girlfriend.


2. I submitted a romantic story weeks ago, but it was never published. It was submitted to this link, and I never saw it again. I never got to copy it down or see it again as a published story, and I'm really sad about it. I really thought the story was good, you see. It was about a romantic couple getting together, the wife/girlfriend waiting for the husband/boyfriend to get home while she prepared a romantic bath complete with candles, bubble bath, and even a rubber duckie. The bath was in a hot tub/bath tub, and she was decked out in lingerie that was incredibly sexy and really made her curves look great, persay. I wish I could see the story again.

After submitting the support ticket, I got replies that said they needed more information, but I don't really know what information to give. I didn't write down the exact date that I sent it (Who does?) and the link is all I know. Do their office computers keep track of incoming stories to publish and edit? I'm confused. I hope that it gets published!!!

If I never see it again, I'll be so depressed....

So, have you ever had this sort of problem? They just seem REALLY busy, don't they? Especially now, with Valentine's Day just around the corner. I couldn't imagine! Plus, they get a lot of support tickets coming in every day! No wonder they can't automatically get around to them all! Whew!
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El-Jaro El-Jaro
Hi Xavier7!

Sounds like you have a couple things going on at once here.

If you look up at the upper left corner of the screen, you should see a "Contacts" link. You can find some live support there during hours or you can leave a message if it's something really urgent.

I can assure you that EVERY service ticket gets looked at.

If you have any more questions, you can always ask an Eden staffer on their profile/wall or through a user to user message.

Hope that helps!
Xavier7 Xavier7
Thanks, JR. Also thank you for sending the messages in reply to my problems. It's much appreciated.

Oh, I didn't know there was a thing for live support. I'll look into that next time I have an issue I really need help with.

I know they all get looked at, it's just been frustrating lately. Sometimes I need them looked at sooner, but I try to remind myself how busy you all are. And of course, since it's V-Day, you'd be a bit more busy than usual.
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