Name Change

Name Change

I don't really know if I need to make an announcement about this, but I'm doing it anyways.

Fellow Edenites, I've changed my name on the site. As you can see in the little ( ) in my screen name, I used to be "Twisted Finger." I'm now choosing to go by Kisses and Kinks.

Here's why: My old screen name never really seemed to fit. It always seemed awkward, like ill fitting pants that I had become strangely attached to but just couldn't bear to get rid of for some goddamn reason.

I picked it at random while perusing EF and trying to decide if I had the guts to actually review for this site.

While creating my account, I literally sat there and thought..."Hmmmmm. What two words can I combine that will sound weird together? I like the word finger. That sounds like it could almost be a little dirty....and twisted. Yeah Twisted Finger, That sounds good..."

Yeah. The name was selected completely at random, and since I had a different username than my blog name, I was always plagued with dumb questions that my little OCD brain couldn't work out an answer for. The main question that bothered me for months: "Should I use my reviewer name or my site name for my twitter/fb/gmail/etc? Argh!!"

Yes, I'm serious. This rattled my OCD for months, that and I had some sort of weird compulsion to "grammatically correct" my own screen name since I didn't know what the hell "Twisted Finger" was and a "Twisted Finger" is oddly enough, not possible unless caused by a birth defect or an unfortunate accident. A lot is carried in a name, and I sort of detested carrying around a name like that.

Oh, and a bunch of other bloggers who don't know me on Eden usually incorrectly assumed that my blogging name was the same as the name of my site. I stopped trying to clear it up.

Positive reasons for changing my name? It's the name of my site, which is essentially my little bastard brainchild whom I've come to love very much. My site has become a part of my life. Even though my blog isn't usually up to my standards (then again, I'm irritatingly anal- LOL), I love it and I can no longer imagine my life without it.

So yeah, that settles it. This is for my sanity, my publicity, and the fact that my new name Kisses and Kinks has a special meaning for me. Kudos to you if you could sit through my whacko explanation-ramble.

-Kisses and Kinks (the reviewer formally known as "Twisted Finger")

P.S.: Another bonus? I'm now officially a part of the club of people that are like Prince. If I could stick something at the bottom of every post of mine on EF, I would say, "the reviewer formally known as Twisted Finger."
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Vaccinium Vaccinium
I just figured you named yourself after a sexual maneuver with which I was unfamiliar.
Sammi Sammi
Very cool Thanks for letting us know!
Chilipepper Chilipepper
I like the name change. *hugs*
Originally posted by Vaccinium
I just figured you named yourself after a sexual maneuver with which I was unfamiliar.
@Vaccinium: First off, LOL. I knew there was a reason I liked you. Secondly, I'm going to make a sex position based off my old screen name. When I test it out, I'll tell if it's safe for the general public.

@Sammi: Thanks

@Chilipepper: Thanks. *hugs back* I happen to love this name. It just fits so much better than the old one and I think it's a hell of a lot cuter.
Bunnycups Bunnycups
I like the new name.
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