Product Updates

Product Updates

Dragon Dragon
I found out today when I logged in that something that bothered me had been fixed. I also found out that Eden had added a new feature somewhere else because I had time to browse the forum for a bit.

Obviously they rolled out a new version of their website.

It would be really nice if we could have a forum thread category dedicated to updates. When they happen and what they actually entail. (No... you don't have to let us know about bug fixes.) It would be nice to read through the last five or so and say. "Oh wow, that happened?!?!"
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Epiphora Epiphora
No offense, but you're not making it any better by not specifying what exactly has changed (other than the smilies and the thing that was posted about on the forums). Are you talking about the spell check in comments? What do you mean by "new version of their website"? It looks the same to me.
Adriana Ravenlust Adriana Ravenlust
DBD, what changes have you noticed?
Dragon Dragon
OK. I apologize for not being clear. I don't know what has changed when Eden has rolled out a new version, but I would love to!

I would absolutely love it if there was a forum category where "Neuron Geek" or someone else would say...

"We updated *** today. It has the following new features... Let us know what you think.

A particular forum category instead of randomly noticing things like smiley faces in comments, that comments are no longer upside down or actually finding a particular forum thread would be fantastic. (I know that there was a thread about "customers suggest" but I could have easily missed it on another day.)

I have no idea what else might have changed, but I really would love to. I like those little details as well as the big stuff.
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