Best position for anal?

Best position for anal?

frisky069 frisky069
One of my favorite is just on my side....but I'm wanting to explore more...what are you fav ones?
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Kitka Kitka
My favorite position would have to be lying on my back in the missionary position.
UnknownGirl UnknownGirl
I don't really like it in any other position other than from behind.
unfulfilled unfulfilled
I think it's any position that you both are comfortable and relaxed that allows access to the bum.
Bignuf Bignuf
My favorite is on my back, butt on a thin pillow (ideal for us is the Liberator JAZ), and him standing at the side of the bed with my legs up, and my feet on his chest or ankles on his shoulders. That way he can penetrate me deep anally with great comfort for me, AND he can look me in the eye, reach over and play with my breasts or massage my clit or even use toys in my vagina. It is wonderful.

The other way I like it is laying on my left side, again, him standing off the side of the bed (he LIKES standing more then laying for these things, because SPOONING works for me too), but anyway, I lay so my behind is right off the edge of the bed and he penetrates me that way. It feels great and he has LOTS of control of movement and depth when standing.

Not sure what angles happen inside this way, but when he cums, I can feel his shaft pulsate with each squirt filling me. That alone has made me orgasm right as he does. It is AMAZING.

Oh...I will add that we have tried with me flat on my tummy and my legs together, and him straddling me and penetrating me that way, but I tend to find our skin pinches this way, and he cannot get very deep. Doggy style, which MANY here simply gush over, just has never worked for me. Hurts every time. Tried every lube known. We don't even bother trying that way anymore. Why bother? We have had YEARS to perfect what works and feels great for us!!!

Good luck finding YOUR happy positions.
ScottA ScottA
Everybody's bodies and interplay of their and their partner's bodies are different, so so you need to try things out and see what works best for you. Find a list of anal positions and try them all out.
hall5885 hall5885
either on knees and hands with my bum and back level with each other, knees and hands with my bum a lower then my shoulders, laying on my stomach, or cowgirl style. Any other way I've tried so far doesn't seem to work for me.
FriskyInFlorida FriskyInFlorida
I like it doggy style
CaliGirl CaliGirl
Originally posted by frisky069
One of my favorite is just on my side....but I'm wanting to explore more...what are you fav ones?
I like it doggy or me on top
Buttercup Green Buttercup Green
I prefer doggy because my hubby stays still, and I back up on his cock at my own speed. He lets me insert it myself. Once it is in, I start to move slowly and then he takes over. If I have a plug in my ass and we want to do some DP play, then missionary is my favorite. It really depends on the day I guess.
ScottA ScottA
Note that your insertion position can be different from the one you use for the rest of the sex. If you like the visibility of doggie or the control of cowgirl for insertion but don't like it for some reason later on then switch.
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