The dangers of anal?

The dangers of anal?

Falsepast Falsepast
So, guess who just got scared shitless by some articles he read


I read you can develop hemmorhoids, and get rectal prolapse which can lead to death by having your insides come out your butt. So yeah, I am super scared right now and I would like someone who knows all about the dangers of anal to tell me if this is true or not.

Is there a doctor in the house?
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Incendiaire Incendiaire
That's just the sort of thing that people who dislike the idea of anal sex make up in an attempt to justify their point of view.

The reality is that it's all nonsense.
Trysexual Trysexual
Don't look at the photos if you google rectal prolapse or you will really be grossed out.
Khanner Khanner
Rectal prolapse is not a fatal condition. They just have to sew you back up, I think. The most dangerous thing that could possibly happen is that you get a fissure and develop a bad infection.

Hemorrhoids are always a possibility when there's a lot of friction in the rectum. They can be permanent, resolve by themselves, or treatable.

Besides hemorrhoids, all this other stuff is worst-case scenario. You'd have to be doing it very roughly, past the point of pain or bleeding for most people, or without lube for this stuff to happen to you. Most of it is preventable by having a partner who is educated and caring.

(not a doctor though)
Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
If you engage in anal play without adequate warm up and lube - a lot of bad things can happen - one of the worst are fissures.

Take your time - do it right and things should be fine.
P'Gell P'Gell
I guarantee that your guts are NOT going to fall out your butt from having anal sex.

There are a LOT of scare stories out there about anal sex. Why? Some people feel either scared of it, or feel intimidated by it, or feel jealous that other people are enjoying it. Also, there is the whole "it's immoral" group and they intentionally put out untrue things about anal sex to scare people away. They are the same people who put out horror stories about PIV sex, about GLBT sex, about.... everything they feel threatened by. These people are not to be trusted as they have an agenda: to try to convince you NOT to have sex or at least not enjoy it when you do have it.

If you want the low down on anal sex and anal play, I suggest reading Tristan Taoromino's books on the subject. In her research she has found that hemorrhoids are actually LESS common in people who engage in healthy anal sex and healthy anal play.

Most people who have rectal prolapse have never had anal sex but have medical problems that precipitate the issue.

I think there are enough healthy discussions on Eden alone to convince you that these horror stories are just that: horror stories meant to scare people away from this incredibly enjoyable form of sexual contact.

Of course, precautions need to be taken, you need to use a proper lube, you need to be relaxed, you need to want to have the anal contact, you need to do some of YOUR OWN RESEARCH to know what you are doing.

I would start with listening to what people on Eden have to say and read Tristan Taoramino's books, before believing this silly scary stuff that isn't based on medical fact.
P'Gell P'Gell
I'm not a doctor, but I'm a nurse. I've seen anal prolapses, but all that I have seen have been in older people or children under the age of two years NONE of whom were having anal sex, and they were the result of other disease conditions, unrelated to anal sex. Same with hemorrhoids (constipation and pregnancy being the most common causes of hemorrhoids) and I GUARANTEE you, your guts do not "fall out causing death" from either anal sex or from anal prolapse.

Just to add perspective, many people have anal sex and anal play regularly and NEVER experience any bad side effects.

Any form of sexual contact can cause problems if not done carefully and by someone who knows what they are doing. (PIV sex can cause everything from UTIs to STIs.... that doesn't stop people from having it regularly.)

I know my husband and I have engaged in anal play and anal sex for several years. I've never had a fissure, never had a prolapse, my hemorrhoids are actually LESS frequent than before we started having anal sex (mine started when I was pregnant with my children YEARS before we ever had any kind of anal contact ever) and never gotten any kind of infection. We are careful, we use lube, I make sure I have an orgasm before we begin actual anal sex, and we only use toys made for the purpose.

Common sense needs to be exercised, but most of the scary stories are nothing but myth and fear mongering.
P'Gell P'Gell
One more thing: here's a good overview of rectal prolapse. NOT A THING about anal sex is mentioned. (This is from WEBMED,


Rectal Prolapse - Topic Overview

What is rectal prolapse?

Rectal prolapse occurs when part or all of the wall of the rectum slides out of place, sometimes sticking out of the anus.

There are three types of rectal prolapse

Partial prolapse (also called mucosal prolapse). The lining (mucous membrane) of the rectum slides out of place and usually sticks out of the anus. This can happen when you strain to have a bowel movement. Partial prolapse is most common in children younger than 2 years.
Complete prolapse. The entire wall of the rectum slides out of place and usually sticks out of the anus. At first, this may occur only during bowel movements. Eventually, it may occur when you stand or walk. And in some cases, the prolapsed tissue may remain outside your body all the time.
Internal prolapse (intussusception). One part of the wall of the large intestine (colon) or rectum may slide into or over another part, like the folding parts of a toy telescope. The rectum does not stick out of the anus. (See a picture of intussusception camera.) Intussusception is most common in children and rarely affects adults. In children, the cause is usually not known. In adults, it is usually related to another intestinal problem, such as a growth of tissue in the wall of the intestines (such as a polyp or tumor).

In severe cases of rectal prolapse, a section of the large intestine drops from its normal position as the tissues that hold it in place stretch. Typically there is a sharp bend where the rectum begins. With rectal prolapse, this bend and other curves in the rectum may straighten, making it difficult to keep stool from leaking out (fecal incontinence).

Rectal prolapse is most common in children and older adults, especially women.

What causes rectal prolapse?

Many conditions increase the chance of developing rectal prolapse. Risk factors for children include:

Cystic fibrosis. A child who has rectal prolapse with no obvious cause may need to be tested for cystic fibrosis.
Having had surgery on the anus as an infant.
Deformities or physical development problems.
Straining during bowel movements.

Risk factors for adults include:

Straining during bowel movements because of constipation.
Tissue damage caused by surgery or childbirth.
Weakness of pelvic floor muscles that occurs naturally with age

What are the symptoms?

The first symptoms of rectal prolapse may be:

Leakage of stool from the anus (fecal incontinence).
Leakage of mucus or blood from the anus (wet anus).

Other symptoms of rectal prolapse include:

A feeling of having full bowels and an urgent need to have a bowel movement.
Passage of many very small stools.
The feeling of not being able to empty the bowels completely.
Anal pain, itching, irritation, and bleeding.
Bright red tissue that sticks out of the anus.


Nothing said about anal sex. Why? Because that isn't one of the risk factors for most rectal prolapses.
A lot of this stuff IS worst-case-scenario. If you don't go crazy and do it really rough and really often, you'll be fine. It's about pleasure, so if it starts to hurt..STOP. It's not for everyone, but if you do choose to do it, it can be quite enjoyable if you are safe.
travelnurse travelnurse
I have seen prolapses before but never from anal sex, it's usually in the more elderly people and that is from 12 years in very busy ER's.
curios man curios man
Originally posted by P'Gell
I'm not a doctor, but I'm a nurse. I've seen anal prolapses, but all that I have seen have been in older people or children under the age of two years NONE of whom were having anal sex, and they were the result of other disease ...
let me ask you sweetie now that i read this is there any danger in using big toys in the rear?
ScottA ScottA
Originally posted by curios man
let me ask you sweetie now that i read this is there any danger in using big toys in the rear?
If you know your limits and are careful then there is a low/mid risk (if you fall on the toy, "power through it", or play with someone else than the risk goes up).
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