Desperate Noob Seeks Your Anal Wisdom!

Desperate Noob Seeks Your Anal Wisdom!

Toy Femme Toy Femme
Hello! First time posting, but I couldn't find some of the answers I was looking for and I think you guys can help me out.

I've never had any kind of anal sex, and I bought the Streemaster Mini Douche to clean... everything.. in there. My boyfriend and I are going to experiment, BUT won't be going any farther than fingers and tongue for this first time. Anyway, I read up on how to use it and everything, but I still have a few questions:

1. I'm not going to be able to clean the same day unless it's in the morning, because we're going out to dinner and then doing the do after so I have no idea if eating is going to mess up all the cleaning and stuff I do beforehand. I read some people not eating solids and crap beforehand but I am guessing it's not necessary? I just want to know if eating dinner before is going to make things unclean again or make you want to poo right after? :|

(questions like these really make it impossible for TMI, hahaha).

2. I've read of a few people mixing a bit of super mild cleanser with the water for douching. If I mixed in some of "Sliquid's Splash Feminine Wash" with the water, would it be okay? It's super mild for those areas so I wonder if it wouldn't be a problem to just mix it with the water and use it for anal douching for a little more cleanliness.

Thanks for reading! Really hope a few people can take the time out to help another noob asking about anal cleaning
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Mwar Mwar
I don't know about the rest of EF, but I think I can speak for a majority of us and say there is no such thing as TMI here.

1. I wouldn't eat anything too courageous nor would I eat too much. It's not needing to go as much as eating and upsetting your stomach. I don't know how much time will be between dinner and sex, but you don't want anything that might mess with your digestive system.

It also depends on if your digestive system is pretty regular, that can make things easier to predict. You can track when you normally go and plan around that.

Since you're only going as deep as fingers, a morning clean up should be okay. It wouldn't hurt to maybe throw the nozzle/douche in a bag if you have the desire to be squeaky clean right before hand.

Ultimately, it is your bum. You can do your best to clean it, but this is the territory your dealing with. Another idea is to have your guy put a condom on his fingers. You can even get a darker colored condom if you want. It could make things more appealing.

Hope that helps
Toy Femme Toy Femme
Thanks for the input. What about my #2 question? Can't find anything related so needed to post!
Chou Wang Chou Wang
Originally posted by Toy Femme
Thanks for the input. What about my #2 question? Can't find anything related so needed to post!
Just go with water, no need to use chemicals on yourself. That can harm the flora and lead to inflammations and other unpleasant things.
ScottA ScottA
Water only.

Think about how your body usually works. Since the rectum usually empties itself shortly after anything enters it your body's schedule is often predictable. Do you usually have to go after dinner?
HB042 HB042
Also, going into things, don't be alarmed if a little "material" shows up anyway. If it would reassure yourself and your partner a little more, get some disposable gloves.
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