Do you think ANAL is where ORAL was, in terms of social acceptance, in the 50's?

Do you think ANAL is where ORAL was, in terms of social acceptance, in the 50's?

Bignuf Bignuf
Folks have had anal and oral sex since recorded time began. Ancient Greek and Roman's were doing both. Nothing much new under the sun. However, till the 1950's, in the USA, ORAL was not a topic anyone discussed or an activity anyone admitted to....much as anal was TOTALLY a "taboo"...despite being done by more then a few, according to "historic" polls.

Then comes today. Everyone mainstream....even on sitcoms, alludes to oral. Almost none to anal, but ONCE in a while, it "slips" into comedy or discussion.

Is anal sex where oral terms of being "mainstream", in the American past?

Is it now the "new" oral in terms of acceptance to mention, discuss or admit...for instance, if talking to friends?
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fabidefabi fabidefabi
Im afraid to find out whats next after anal lol
K101 K101
Lol I am with Babychika! I am only 21 so of course I wasn't here in the 50's, but just since I was a teen I've noticed a major difference in the talk about anal sex. When I was younger we never knew of anyone who was brave enough to do anal sex and now I it seems to be quite the trend. I've yet to be brave enough though! Lol. My partner and I feel like grandma and grandpa when we're around people who are so pro with anal sex and we're like ... "Uh... yea! We know EXACTLY what you mean." LOl. Kidding, but still we do often feel left out. I guess were chicken. Neither of us have developed an interest in it yet though and might not ever. It does seem the 'sex trends' are getting more and more wild. Not that anal sex is wild, but to the age group I grew up with it's something most of us are still terrified of! Lol. I do wonder what trend will be next! For my age group it was oral sex. You just was not cool if you hadn't given or recieved it! I remember a group of girlfriends and I at the local pool at only 13 and there's a rock that's still there in the woods and it was and still is known to us as the oral rock! Lol. Seriously, you could walk back there on any given day in the summer and see a group of people watching while 2 people engaged in oral sex! It was weird, but somehow interesting. Lol.

I remember the girls saying to me one day "You've NEVER given a guy head! We can fix that for you today!" Lol.

We should start a new thread where we guess what the next 'trend' will be! I guess there really isn't much holes left to explore. Lol.
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