Does your lover ever "pay attention" to your private parts, when NOT having sex???

Contributor: Bignuf Bignuf
After developing a sore tush from some rather "intense" anal play this evening (NOT my hubby's fault, as it was ME screaming, "faster, harder, deeper, DO IT"). (HEY, sometimes a girl goes wild).

Anyway, he spent a few hours...not all at once, but 20 minutes here, then came back and spent a little more time, caressing, kissing, ointment applying, warm/moist toweling, my sore little butt, as I simply lay in bed, tummy on my Liberator pillow (butt high), and with my arms crossed under my chin, head on my pillow watching T.V.

He kept coming by and paying loving attention to my sore, bruised tail end till it felt better.

However, it occurred to me that maybe not everyone feels comfy enough, even with their lover, to lay there, fully exposed, and have him or her paying such close attention to their "girly or boylie parts" when NOT engaged in some kind of sexual activity.

It didn't bother me at all...but I wonder, is this how others feel with THEIR lover???

I happened to enjoy the attention!!! I may, in fact, repay him with my tongue and lips tonight...although my tush, at least for this evening, is "out of order" (He would never think to do more then perhaps a bit more "therapy" down there tonight anyway. He is a VERY gentle and considerate lover. do you feel about such attention with YOUR lover???
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Contributor: Ghost Ghost
I get a vaginal and anal massage (external) almost every night, whether we have sex or not. Does that count?
Contributor: lustylusty lustylusty
oh man, If i had a nickle for every time my man touched me with no sex involved I would be RICH. Like really rich.
Contributor: CaliGirl CaliGirl
almost every day he teases me without sex involved
Contributor: Double Analysis Double Analysis
Originally posted by lustylusty
oh man, If i had a nickle for every time my man touched me with no sex involved I would be RICH. Like really rich.
Haha, agreed.
Contributor: sexykiss sexykiss
she grabs my butt and my boobs and my crotch all the time
Contributor: Why Not? Why Not?
He will frequently rest is hand on my ass or stroke it as an affectionate gesture. Much the way some people might stroke their partner's hair.
Contributor: Rey Rey
intimate touches are part of day to day