Douching, potentially harmful?

Douching, potentially harmful?

White Wolf White Wolf
Another question out of curiosity.

Is anal douching too often potentially harmful?
Ive been told that it can cause you to become ill, but I'm reluctant to believe that.
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gone77 gone77
I've heard that it's harmful, too, and found this article that explains how it can be: link

I've never done an anal douche so I can't speak from experience, but I can't imagine it would be a good thing to do, say, daily.
ToyTimeTim ToyTimeTim
I found this thread link and it has a lot of useful info that may help.

I will douche with plain warm water about two maybe three times a week. I just bought a cheap anal douche from wally world, dumped the contents and fill with tap water. Usually takes two or three times, then while in the shower I will put in a plug for a few, finish the shower, and take the plug out. This will get rid of any left over water they may be inside.

Hope this helps.
ScottA ScottA
Known problems exist with using soap, chemical solutions, or stimulants. For these just don't do it.

Water is more of a question mark now. Large enemas (several quarts) can wash the intestinal flora/fauna out enough to where you could have a problem (it's a balanced environment down there, where the good bugs help to hold the bad bugs in check), but small enemas shouldn't wash out enough to cause a problem.

What they don't know about yet is what happens to the rectal mucosa. They know that water can remove some of the top layer of the mucosa, but they're not sure what that means in practice (soap in the water removes much more). Isotonic water (with a little bit of salt or soda) and a PEG solution (also isotonic, so your body doesn't absorb it) didn't seem to have the same effect, but also didn't work as well.

There are some articles in a nursing magazine archive, but unfortunately I don't have access and don't have the spare cash right now to buy access to the whole story, so this is just based on the abstracts and the PD stuff.
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