Excellent Anal Advice

Excellent Anal Advice

Carrie Ann Carrie Ann
While Dr Dick is addressing a fear of sex, he's actually giving all of us some really great anal advice, male or female.

I'm impressed! Have any of you used these techniques to build up to anal sex? Or did you jump right in and start riding?
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Raven Raven
Some of them I did. And I'm talking my first time or two here. For some reason, it seemed like common sense that if I pushed out it would help my then partner's dick go in better, which it did. And I made sure he went in a little at a time so I could get accustomed to it. The first time didn't do all that much for me probably because I was more tense, but the second time I guess I was a little more relaxed and it felt really good.

I love reading Dr. Dick's things. His humor is awesome.
Colossus Colossus
good tips in that article
LicentiouslyYours LicentiouslyYours
I started having anal sex pretty early and it was a "jump right in and go" situation. I wasn't even aware it was going to happen until it did!

I do not recommend this method. LOL
ScottA ScottA
The one thing that he didn't say that deserves to be said (especially in the context) is this:

You don't have to like anal sex, you don't have to have anal sex.

You should at least be willing to give anal eroticism a try with self-exploration, but if you don't want to have anal sex you shouldn't feel that you have to.

Just like you shouldn't feel that you have to have any other type of sex.
ShercockHolmes ShercockHolmes
the "pushing your ass back" part helped me out a lot when i was learning to get into it. it actually was something that i learned to do on my own. for some reason i thought, maybe it will hurt less if i go with the motion instead of against it. so each time they thrust i would push back. felt a lot better. and the guy loved it because to him it made him feel like i couldn't get enough of him!
yatinp30 yatinp30
it should be slowly step by step
tiname25 tiname25
Yap no body should hurry up in this
hotcoktail hotcoktail
first step is main. If that fear he or she never gonna do that again
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